Saturday, March 7, 2020


This Women's Day, let us start a trend - "Not to celebrate Women's Day".
Not Convincing? Let me make it convincing for you.

What does celebrating 'Women's Day' actually mean to you?

Option 1- MAKES YOU FEEL EMPOWERED. Well if you are already empowered, do you really need a day to reinforce that to yourself? If you know your powers, you probably are celebrating and cherishing it everyday.

Option 2 - THIS DAY IS TO TALK ABOUT ISSUES RELATED TO GENDER INEQUALITY . Do you really think that a few debates over a few cases of domestic violence, unequal wages, crime against women, on a single day can bring the massive change required?

Option 3 - IT TALKS ABOUT NEED  FOR RESERVATION FOR WOMEN. Do you really think that while demanding equality, it is fair to seek reservation benefits based on the same principals of inequality? With entitlement of reservation, a sense of inequality come for free.

Right from the days of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, several social activists have tried to help women get a better share in the society. But do we really have to wait for some activists to come and raise a voice in our defence.

My addressal  is especially to all the educated women who still face gender inequality and its consequences each day. Your right to equality is your personal quest. You have to seek it each day. On the days when an office colleague wishes you on Women's Day and then forwards a misogynist joke on WhatsApp just because its trending. On the days when your boss justifies disparity in wages for same amount of work. On the days when your own mother teaches you to keep your brother, husband and son above you and your priorities. These are your daily fight and struggles. If you win them each day, you wont need a "Women's Day" to remind you of your strength.

Ms Nandita Prakash

Sunday, February 2, 2020

To Live with a Forgotten Dream

Everyone has a dream. What would they be when they grow up, what would they do, buy, own. I too had a dream. In teenage years when one decides on profession or show inclination towards a vocation, I wanted to be a housewife. I had sorted it all in my head. Opposite to the general perception, I wasn't trying to run away from responsibilities but rather preparing to take on the job of managing a household/a family in all its seriousness.

I had prepared myself a five year project plan and a job list. I had resolved to set up a comfortable house in the first year and had planned to have four kids. I wanted to  dedicate my life to cook warm food for them, stitch them beautiful clothes, keep them warm in winters, tell them stories, home school them and even write books for them. It was all that I wanted and cared.

When I look back fifteen years, I envy my dedication and clarity of thought. I wish I had the same power on my fate as I thought I had back then. Now, fifteen years since then, I still crave to feel a life grow inside my womb, to see its little fists boxing from inside, to see this little one open its eyes in my arms and cry for the milk supplies. To see the tiny fellow look like me, may be the same curls or even the smile.

Motherhood is not a thing to define womanhood. It is not even needed for a women to feel complete. But then what do I do with this only dream that I ever had. I don't know if my mother or any of my friends would have felt as fulfilling as I would have with a child hanging around my neck.

Motherhood is a feeling and childlessness is a condition. And none of this can define existence of a woman. The question was never that whether the society will accept me as a childless woman. The question is that will I be able to live with a forgotten dream

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Ah! I Hope Its True

All he had were a list of simple words. Quite contrary to the range of stories he had. As versatile as human emotions. complicated but penned in simple words. He made the whole effort of writing appear so effortless and natural. It was in his very nature perhaps , to simplify complex emotions and let them float on the surface of a calm water under a bright shining sun.

How was it even possible for this one person alone, to bring order in this universe or at least the universe around him that mattered. Very close to being unbelievable but
also quite close to the visible reality. " They don't make such men anymore" my heart cried. Or may be all this while, I was blind to such a possibility.

So should we go ahead and see how this story unfolds. Or rather just stay here keeping oneself busy in imagining all the nice things before the cruel reality takes over and ruins it. And what if all this is real and there are no curtains this time. What if this white light that I see, is the light of love, light of life.

My heart has so much love that if it could manifest itself, it would possibly be this man. Yet the old wounds will not stop bleeding. It will never let him heal them. But this man is no less in sorcery, as his words have already reached my wounds. It is only a matter of time and before I would know, my wounds will be gone.
Ah! I hope its true.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Will Never Appear Meek

and its only the night
 which would ever see me cry.
as the sun rises 
you will find my pillows dry.
my smile
 will worry you more
this happiness 
will make your heart sore.
I will never give you
 the pleasure you seek
To you I will 

never appear meek.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unseen Awaits You

No, to travel is not to escape
It is to confront.
It is not merely for leisure .
You can land up in a jungle
With thirst and hunger.
But very often,
It gives spiritual pleasures.
If u can then you must,
Travel to places unknown.
What you always seek
Awaits you!

Life Isn't Fair

It isn't fair,
but then who said it will be.
You may wish someone loved you,
with all their might
but when did they guarantee?
This faith can transport you through years
but same years
cannot promise faith to you and me.
Still you can wish
and wish you must,
because then there will be
nothing else
to hold on look up to.
I believe i can survive
cause i believe in me

Nandita Prakash


Enough of your truth
tell me a lie instead.
But it must be lovelier
than the songs i have read.
It must be cheerful enough
to help me gleefully forget,
the countless scars on my soul,
the ample tears i have shed.
Tell me endless tales
about the pleasures I never had.
I dont care about your darker truth,
tell me a beautiful lie instead

-Nandita Prakash

Monday, September 5, 2016


My life has been touched upon by more teachers than any other. This is because I could never leave school. I studied in one, went up to college only to come back to school. Teachers forever existed in my life. The ones who taught me and the ones I teach. And they both have remarkable impressions on my life. I have always been a people’s observer. Observe actions, analyse, learn and remember. I distinctly remember each one of them and forever will.

Teachers at school were loving and caring. Yes they were also good at disciplining and now I realize how essential it was. They taught strong values and good morals to which I still standby. For me they were forever encouraging and kind.

 College was liberating and so were my professors. They taught me to question myself and everything else around. They taught me to have humility, to argue well when required. When the world was busy talking about women empowerment, I saw and felt it happening to me through every class my professors would take. Every professor had an awe inspiring character and I continue to admire them even till today.

When I became a teacher to teachers, I saw the personal side of them. They empowered many and yet did not had a control or power in all areas of their lives. Some of them had changed careers and some on them had changed streams. Mostly they compromised as they thought teaching to be less time consuming job which can be managed easily with a household. Little did they know how difficult it was. But I saw them overcome every condition and become best and truthful in their career as a teacher.

You all taught me to realize my worth every day and in every situation. You were my teachers and forever will be.

With all humility in my existence, I thank you though I know that I can never thank you enough.  

With Love

Nandita Prakash

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why I met you at all

with every turn i took
it rolled me away from you

while i thought i was reaching near
i was drifting away

if it was for fate
i could have given up all

But it was for love
and it took all of me

and now when the love in no more
i wonder why

i met you
at all.