Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Will Never Appear Meek

and its only the night
 which would ever see me cry.
as the sun rises 
you will find my pillows dry.
my smile
 will worry you more
this happiness 
will make your heart sore.
I will never give you
 the pleasure you seek
To you I will 

never appear meek.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unseen Awaits You

No, to travel is not to escape
It is to confront.
It is not merely for leisure .
You can land up in a jungle
With thirst and hunger.
But very often,
It gives spiritual pleasures.
If u can then you must,
Travel to places unknown.
What you always seek
Awaits you!

Life Isn't Fair

It isn't fair,
but then who said it will be.
You may wish someone loved you,
with all their might
but when did they guarantee?
This faith can transport you through years
but same years
cannot promise faith to you and me.
Still you can wish
and wish you must,
because then there will be
nothing else
to hold on look up to.
I believe i can survive
cause i believe in me

Nandita Prakash


Enough of your truth
tell me a lie instead.
But it must be lovelier
than the songs i have read.
It must be cheerful enough
to help me gleefully forget,
the countless scars on my soul,
the ample tears i have shed.
Tell me endless tales
about the pleasures I never had.
I dont care about your darker truth,
tell me a beautiful lie instead

-Nandita Prakash

Monday, September 5, 2016


My life has been touched upon by more teachers than any other. This is because I could never leave school. I studied in one, went up to college only to come back to school. Teachers forever existed in my life. The ones who taught me and the ones I teach. And they both have remarkable impressions on my life. I have always been a people’s observer. Observe actions, analyse, learn and remember. I distinctly remember each one of them and forever will.

Teachers at school were loving and caring. Yes they were also good at disciplining and now I realize how essential it was. They taught strong values and good morals to which I still standby. For me they were forever encouraging and kind.

 College was liberating and so were my professors. They taught me to question myself and everything else around. They taught me to have humility, to argue well when required. When the world was busy talking about women empowerment, I saw and felt it happening to me through every class my professors would take. Every professor had an awe inspiring character and I continue to admire them even till today.

When I became a teacher to teachers, I saw the personal side of them. They empowered many and yet did not had a control or power in all areas of their lives. Some of them had changed careers and some on them had changed streams. Mostly they compromised as they thought teaching to be less time consuming job which can be managed easily with a household. Little did they know how difficult it was. But I saw them overcome every condition and become best and truthful in their career as a teacher.

You all taught me to realize my worth every day and in every situation. You were my teachers and forever will be.

With all humility in my existence, I thank you though I know that I can never thank you enough.  

With Love

Nandita Prakash

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Why I met you at all

with every turn i took
it rolled me away from you

while i thought i was reaching near
i was drifting away

if it was for fate
i could have given up all

But it was for love
and it took all of me

and now when the love in no more
i wonder why

i met you
at all.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Travel Tale-Destination Unknown (Chakrata)

Travel to one stop to another is engaging. Very  engaging. But all that matters is that what you find in between. While you travel, when you stop to grab some food, some water, some culture, some stories, some relations and some human conversational touch. Intentional, unintentional, random, unplanned, unprovoked and yet the best part of the entire journey.

After great long period of more than six months, a long weekend was approaching in the calendar. With my usual desperation of not letting even a single day, hour or minute go waste, I had to plan something nice. Somewhere nice to go, where I had never been before. Somewhere away from the usual crowd. A road less taken and barely traveled.

Was gathering suggestion for quite some time and was unsure of every option. As usual, I wanted to reach the hills and see the snow. Well since the time was less, it was not possible to travel long distance. As per my half knowledge, I assumed that I could find snow nowhere within the reach of 300kms. But.But I was luckily so wrong.

A friend suggested Dakpathar as one as one of the options. Not very far from Dehradun, I thought it would be easy to reach and explore. I had imagined it to be a place with ‘Dark Stones’  and some dark woods around, as I had misspell it as ‘DarkPathar’. Another suggestion came from a local of Dehradun. Chakrata (pronounced as Chakruta by the locals though). It was not very far away from Dakpathar so was added to my plan. All I knew was that I could get a local bus from Dehradun to Chakrata.

To cut the crap, I was headed to something very amazing, but dint know what. Traveled in the night to reach Dehradun, early in the morning. I was hungry as I had a very light dinner previous night. It is always better to eat less while you are travelling, than having an aching stomach on the way.All I could find at Dehradun bus station was an old chai wala who had nothing to offer but tea. When he saw my hungry face, the kind soul went to a nearby shop to get me some bread. It was enough as a gesture to win me over.

As I reached the Bus  stand, I found out that there was hardly any bus which could take me to Chakrata. However, some local busses move from Dehradun Railway station.Took a Vikram (local shared auto service) to catch a local bus from railway station. There the conductor told me that no bus could take me to Chakrata as the roads are too narrow. Only cabs can take me there which I would get from Vikas Nagar. Travelling for next 45 mins in the mini bus, I reached Vikas Nagar while watching IMA, Botanical garden and several management colleges pass by.The road looked lovely this spring.

As the bus dropped me at Vikas Nagar, a very small town settled on two sides of a 500 mtr road, I could see cabs waiting for passengers across the road. Rs 90 per head. Waiting for other passengers to fill in was a little tiring though which took longer than usual as it was a Sunday and not many people would go to Charata.

Moving ahead was becoming scenic, interesting, lavishly beautiful and colder. Narrow roads which takes one to new scenery waiting behind every turn. Varied from lush green to flowery to barren to green again the road is very captivating from Kalsi to Charata. It took me 45 mins to cover a distance of 45 kms between Dehradun to Vikas Nagar and it took me 2 hrs to cover next 45 kms between Vikas Nagar to Charata. Regardless to say the drive was uphill and amazing.14 hours of rushless travel and I had already reached my destination enjoying the ride on four different vehicles.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let Go

and the day you decide to let go

to let go all the feelings....good or bad

to let go of your past and your future

to let go of all attachments you may carry

to let go of all pain

to let go of all the tears..and those few cheers

to let go that damp air inside your choked heart

those moist eyes which deserve a better spark

to let go of this birth and fear of death

to let the end sink in with every new breath

and the day u decide is far away from when it finally arrives

the end of u the end of every tale of u.

that is where the new life thrives.

                                                                   - Nandita Prakash

Sunday, April 6, 2014

With Every Dream I Weave, Gives me a heartache

 when u turn ur back
and walk to ur home
i still stay there for long
with a teary eye and hope
that you may return.
But you never return

when i express my love
and u say you care
i doubt you do
you have a life
i have none

i crave for u to be beside
for u to hold me all night
but far you go
to embrace someone else
someone you love
someone you care

and i die a little by little
with every night
with every day
with every dream i weave
gives me a heartache.

                                        - Nandita Prakash