Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don’t Leave It To The Next Moment, It May Never Come

Sometimes, silence is the biggest key. Please don’t try it in your relationship till you are 100% sure of its strength & durability.

This was not the first time they did it to each other. Giving each other a silent treatment was the aftermath of several huge fights they had. Well, they were too fond of each other to have frequent fights, but such abrupt eruption of emotions, from both the sides, were inevitable. But then one must clean one’s heart of all emotional clutter sometimes.

When she woke up next morning, after a head banging fight last night, she was determined to make him pay for it with his tears. Blame it to the revengeful nature of women, but this time it was justified as the mistake was entirely his. Well, those who are curious about the reason of the fight- forget it. Its not worth a narration. Couples fight over silly things. Do we really need to know all?

Out of habit, she made tea & took the tray to the bed. Before, she could cry out for him to wake up, she stopped & gazed at a piece of paper. She moved towards that piece of paper with the cup in her hand. Oops! No pens around. What better place than her husband’s pockets. “Here is your bed tea” written on a small piece of paper was kept at the bedside accompanied with the precious cup of Bed Tea.

When he woke up, which was already an hour late than his usual time, he was fuming. No, not because he was already late for the office, but because his Bed Tea had now become cold Tea. Asking for another cup was against the rule. What rule? – The rule of fighting. You can’t surrender so easily. No Bed Tea- beginning of a perfect disaster. Now those who are fond of Bed Tea, would surely understand. She had played her first move & now it was his turn. What better than wasting away her favorite piece of crockery? Phew..... There goes the saucer & the cup, out of the window. Here too, the lady had already acted smart. The cup was the only one left in its set & was of no use otherwise. She knew it would happen. She had been keeping such useless pieces for such rare occasions. The husband’s reply written on the other side of the paper was “...goes up in the air.”

Next was the breakfast on the table with another note “BEWARE: Food tastes bitter when having with a swollen Ego” & then the husband’s reply was “Ego stays & about food, you can find it in the bin.”

She was to go out shopping that day. She always did on such occasions. To let out her anger may be or to shock him with the unexpected expenditure. Text messaged him “Going out for shopping. Do you need anything?” He replied “Yes, I need a better version of wife. The old one is troubling too much. But your taste is too bad. I think I will shop it for myself. Meanwhile, you buy some brains for yourself.” This was all going wrong. All she wanted was for him to realize his mistake but he was making more, that too boastfully. Thinking about all this, she did not realize when did she reach the middle of the road & got hit by a truck. Agree, women have no road sense. Here is a Lesson for all Women –

When she regained her consciousness, she was in a hospital with several injuries. Surprisingly, her phone was still tightly gripped between her bloody fingers. Send another text message “I am in the City Hospital. Got run over by a truck.”

He was half dead when he read the message. There was no one he loved more than her. She was the centre of his existence. He blamed himself for it all. If he would have ended the fight in the morning, she probably wouldn’t have gone out. If only he had said sorry & kiss her in the morning, like he always did, she probably would have been fine. Next moment he was in the hospital. Sobbing like a child in her lap. Making promises that he would never fight with her ever gain & that he would love her more than he ever did. Promised to take her wherever she wanted to go. And never reply her silence with silence.

So the moral of the story is determination pays. Didn’t she tell you that she would make him pay for it with his tears?

Naaaaaaa. The moral of the story is, talk as much as you can. Don’t leave it to the next moment. It may never come.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

You Are The Change

One generation’s dream becomes insignificant reality for the other generation. The dream of a free nation our ancestors had seen, what significance it carries for you and me. May be an alien feeling which erupts inside on 26th Jan or 15th Aug every year or may be when India beats Pakistan in one day.

Humans came from the specie of apes & developed further. But we Indians remained to be more closer to the previous specie than the latest version cause we still so much imitate. Even with such brilliant minds we still compromise our intellect and tend to follow everything which is being followed in western culture.

Indian Architecture ka ‘I’ to pata nahi aur European Architechture study ke liye Europe Trip pe jana hai

If you can’t afford to have a honeymoon trip abroad, your marriage ends there.

We have such brilliant Indian English poets, but we still study British Poetry in Bachelors & Masters. No its not that they are better. It’s just that we don’t have enough time to promote literature written in our country because we are too busy promoting & learning theirs. Its like a blogging site. The more votes you get. The more popular you become- who cares about the quality.

There is a dialogue from the movie “Rang De Basanti”-
“IAS bano IPS bano, desh ko badlo”

But I question-
Kiss desh ko badlo jahan apni baat sunwane ke liye ann shann par baithna padta hai.

Well everyone can’t be an IAS but yet change.

Promote Indian Tourism, let the country grow, let the economy grow.
Read Indian English & Hindi literature. Post it on your blog, social networking sites. Make other people read and appreciate it
We always post useless crap, bad jokes, really bad copied quotes, our Europe trip Pictures- why not such remarkable piece of work.

Do your bit and inspire
You owe it to your nation. You owe it to those brilliant people & brilliant mids who once existed on your mother land.


Its Only Love, No You Or Me

‘Being in Love’ is a beautiful phrase
Sustaining the continuity is rough
If true, it will set you free
If pretending, then would appear like a handcuff.

You may fall in and out of it
If you are a human, it is bound to happen
But these are small ups and down
Don’t let them make you upset or grief laden

Never forget the reason which brought you together
Never let that reason change
Life & time will bring some change
But never let your love go strange

Love is not about finding a perfect person
Its about finding one, your heart beats for
And then give away your life to make your love perfect
Something worth dying for

Then this love will keep you always happy
Gay and cheerful all the time
Keeping you away from all the worries
Your life would become perfectly fine

And when in that state of Love
Remember, ‘Being in Love’ is the key
Celestial, heavenly, beautiful
Its only Love, no You or Me

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Compromise Way Too Beyond Our Standards

If you could just see me for what I am and not my curves

If you could respect my intellect merely by believing that I have some

If you could think beyond how useful and exciting I may be in bed.

If only you could really believe the fact that I have a brain too.

The feeling of love that I have for you doesn’t come from that dark valley down there.

It comes from a much superior heart which is placed way above it.

I very well understand that you can’t help being a pervert.

It’s a kind of basic nature in your gender.

Its as impossible as trying to change your genetic structure.

Might end up creating a monkey, as if you are not already one.

Or may be I am really unfair when I am insulting you with such allegations

May be your level of understanding is way too low to comprehend what we say.

thats why you always look with the same stupid face when we finish expressing ourselves.

But then we accept you with all your inferiority and pervert ness.

Attention- seekers, as you are, and we nurture you as if we were your mothers

Its not your fault in the end. The fault is all ours.

Only to see you smile, we compromise way too beyond our standards.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Such Useless Is My World

The hollowness within is gravely painful
Hopeless is the situation to begin
Loneliness in life is extremely faithful
It considers leaving me as a sin.

Movement in my life is extremely rare
As immovable as a primitive statue
Sorrows are the only one who care
Would never leave a chance to catch you

Numerous nights counted as sleepless
Almost forgotten how to sleep
My mind has become numb & thoughtless
And my lovely heart is sinking deep

No sunray to show me the way
No haven to hide, lying curled
The life is fading with each passing day
Such useless is my world.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

With Every Sudden Twist Of Fate

With every sudden twist of fate
There comes a dormant state
Which keeps you wonder for sometime
And fades away all your prime.

It blows you off one after the other
Making your heart grow weak and sadder
With time it grows pungent and sour
Drying your soul from the core

Escape is not an option at all
If you wish to rise, you must fall
To fall and experience its intensity
Remember there is no such thing as eternity

Whatever exists is purely temporary
Your life is real, not legendary
What you must learn is to survive
Life is as dangerous as touching a beehive

There may occur several bites and stings
But dry winters are always followed by springs
If you try hard, the life will bend
And you will deserve nectar in the end

Saturday, April 2, 2011

That You Must Stand Tall

Life would be beautiful. standing tall like a tree. sometimes fresh green sometimes hard dead but still standing.

Bending when wind is strong and spread out to embrace the rain. let birds rest on you and sing you love tales.

looking at couples making love under your soothing shade and nurture thousands of saplings every year.

Laden with colorful vibrant flower and tasteful fruits. taking in their fragrance all day long.

Watch people smile at you and your fertile beauty while you exhibit your calm.

And then shedding off your entire attire when that dark wintry season falls.

only to be decorated again with fresh new attire & watching a circle go complete.

No anxiety, no pain. pure experience with calm and a valuable lesson learnt -