Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palmistry- Chapter 3 Types Of Palms

1) Elementary Type: It is rough in texture and broad in shape. This type of hand represents the primitive man (cave man). They are not at all beautiful to look at with short fingers and hair growth. They are less cultured and more orthodox. They are always occupied with the thoughts related to food, cloth and shelter. Not capable of looking beyond that. Escape from doing hard work and are also not able to use brains. More of criminals are found with such type of hands.

2) Square Type: Looks square in shape. Is considered to be the best type. They are well mannered. They stay far away from world of fantasies and imagination, false pretence or pompous nature. They are pragmatic in nature. They may or may not be social by nature but are always praised by others.  Religious & extremely helpful in nature. They have wealth of wisdom. They can suffer loss to help some other people. They are patient, quite, disciplined & live a balanced life. They never believe in anything blindly. They believe in logical& rational discussion. They have hidden motives & reasons behind relationships which they maintain. Fond of money, power and fame & aim for them throughout their lives. They are generally successful in their lives as they practice patience, dedication & hard work.

3) Philosophical Type: usually plump, flexible & defined finger joints. They usually lead the world. Fond of fame. Very fixated with moral and values & give importance to them in lives. In the field of knowledge, they are always enthusiastic towards new learning. Believe and work towards expanding their knowledge. Many leaders, philosophers, thought-provokers, religious saints and artists belong to the same type. They usually face monetary up-downs & very few are well of. Still they give more importance to knowledge and respect when compared to money.

4) Spatulate Type: Such types of hands are greater in length than width. The beginning side of the palm (near wrist) is heavier than the preceding part of hand. They look ugly, not well cared and disfigured. The tip of the fingers is big and palm seems to be muscular & hard. Such types have active brain. The person can never sit idle. Active and hard working. They also think well before they act and their decisions are practical in nature. They do not get carried away by emotions. Always keep on experimenting, discovering or inventing something new. Successful personalities.

5) Conic Of Artistic Type: Smooth, soft and beautiful hands. Pointed, thin, well crafted fingers. Such people are attracted towards beauty and love. Either they are artists or if not then they must be art lovers. They identify and appreciate art in any form. Their life is full of love and their heart is readily receptive towards all sort of art as it comes naturally to them. They do not get success in terms of practicality ass they are often pre-occupied with emotions and fantasies. Often suffer problem related to earning money & yet they stay careless in behavior.

6. Psychic Of Idealistic Type: soft pink hands & similar looking fingers. Such people are progressive in nature & have a highly active brain. Whatever career they choose, they wish to master it. They are fond of getting into minutest details of everything. Often notorious because of this nature of overdoing everything but it doesn’t affect them at all. Not very good at handling harsh realities of life. Often lost in dreams and morals, they sometimes seem to be misfit in this pragmatic society. When they are rich, they live like kings but they do not mind living an ordinary life when have none. Their life fluctuates between the two extremes. During the end days of their lives, they suffer failures and die a sorrowful death. If their economical problems are taken care of, such men can be of a greater use to the society and mankind.

7. Mixed Type: This type of hand shows mixed qualities of more than one type of hand (out of six described above). Such hands are usually a combination of tow types and the nature of the person is also a combination of those two types. Such people are not influential. They look every matter with pessimism. Are less successful in life. Have a fickle mind. At the begening of every new task, they start contemplating its possibilities of not finishing on time & then leave the work midway. This becomes their habit which brings them failure and rejection in life. They ultimately become sadist & pessimist & need to work extremely hard to achieve success.

Palmistry- Chapter 2: How To Study The Color Of Palm And Bone Structure

Study The Color Of Palm

Healthy pink : mentally & physically healty. they forgive, have patience, sympathize, loving, caring in nature. they treat life as a game & face all problems of life with a bright smile. they are always excited and enthusiastic about life. fun loving, friendly & very social.
Extreme Red : lack of patience. they start a task well but loose interst midway & then try to rush up. feel bored very easily. mess every area with lack of patience and are less organised and stay disturbed.
Pale: Negative, depressed. always try to find the negative side of everythiong. pessimistic, sad & exhausted. they feel & stay defeated all their lives.
Blue/ Purple : sick, selfish, sad, irritable, pessimsit. take life as a burden to be carried life long.

Bone Structure

Loose/ soft/ easily movable/flexible  : balanced, manages well even in extreme situations. win over hurdles of life.
hard/immovable/inflexible : not very balanced, not able to manage extreme situations. find it difficult to handle hurdles in life.

Monday, December 26, 2011

India or Indiaaaaaah?

Was getting a little curious lately. How the whole world does see India? Well another question (which is somewhat associated with the whole issue is) that exactly how do we wish to represent our nation- as India or Indiaaaaaaaahhh. India would mean an aspiring nation (have been aspiring for 67 yrs and still aspiring) where people are not desperate by nature. Where people do not please others only for selfish reasons but its also a part of our hospitality. a nation where other nationals are no more seen with a wide mouth open, but with a friendly smile. Our street beggars are also trained how and how much to beg from a foreign national. But then some dumb heads (people from Hollywood as well as bollywood) find their closed mindedness to be so impressive and influential to the world that they even go ahead and make it a part of their movie and their bollywood counter part even celebrate such stupidity. When being an Indian yourself you let somebody else(who hasn’t done any fucking research on your nation still represent it like the nation of snake charmers) now that when you let your India called as Indiaaaaaaah.

Now getting a little straight-forward (which I am best at). Dear Mr Anil Kapoor…after your useless tenure of acting in Indian Cinema, had you not done enough damage(even leftanother of your kind  your daughter Ms Sonam Kapoor with again no acting skills in the industry to suffer) that you went ahead in defaming the nation in the whole world with your absolutely poor acting skills. We all remember your ridiculous dance at Oscars for Slum dog. And now you celebrate acting with Tom Cruise( where you are not giving a single dialogue scene with him but rather portrayed yourself as a horny bastered)- and yet you celebrate. And thank you Mr Tom Cruise for letting us all know how much you actually know about our culture. From those dancers dressed up in Katthak costumes and with absolutely vulgar dance steps to those antique paintings which you used as representation of lecher in Mr Anil Kapoor. And Mr Kapoor I only wish you had the guts to stand up an tell Mr  Cruise that hey buddy you may be a multimillionaire but let me tell you that you have no knowledge  about my country and I will never let you interpret it in such a useless way. But spineless as you are, it is not even expected from you.

Coming to Mr Russel Peters. My question to you is exactly when was last that you had visited India…and not Indiaaaah? You earn your bread butter only after ridiculing your own fellow men and their accent (Poor Indian English Accent as you say). Well I am very keen to listen to your Hindi or Punjabi  for that matter. Well, I have a number friends, who are fan of yours, who are like mad for you but I m sorry I find you repetitive and absolutely ridiculous. And when its been long doing the same old trick , you have recently started doing the same in Hollywood movies too. Brilliant bakwaas I say.

In years like 1980’s and early 90’s great actors like Dev Anand, Om Puri, Amrish puri, Naseer-ud-din Shah, Shammi Kapoor did some serious acting in Hollywood. Some of these movies are also kept in the classic sections and shown to the students of acting. Now thats what I call being useful. Not only to one self but to the nation as well. Again the question remains to be the same – that exactly how do we wish to represent our nation- as India or Indiaaaaaaaahh?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Palmistry Chapter 1: Texture Reading

i have just started reading this book on palmistry from my dad’s old collection of books. it is in hindi and with very rich vocabulary. it’s taking a lot of time to understand as we are no more accustomed to the same language which is also supposed to be our national language. Since I wanted to share my knowledge with my friends, I decided to translate it. starting with the first chapter, which is about reading the texture of skin on palm.
chapter 1
Reading The Texture Of Skin On Palm
Rough : wild in nature, rustic. roughness in behavior & work style. Less respectful & straight forward. works hard for livelihood. they don’t expect but believe in one’s moral values.
Soft (reddish) : they listen to their heart. shy away from facing harsh realities of life. like being in the world of fantasies & imagination and escape from all sort of hard work. but they prefer mental work instead. aspire to be famous in life.
Combination Of Rough & Soft :mostly successful in life. practical approach with correct blend of creative imagination. they find success almost everywhere. go-getters. good decision makers. present neat and clean work always and on time

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Agony Of A Wife From Small Town

born in the adobe of beautiful hills, she was a wild weed.
educated in an ordinary pathshala in a small town of himachal, she only aspired to become a perfect house-maker of someone else’s household.
for her, geography was bhugool and science was always vigyaan. math was ganit and only english was english. she almost hated that language & always wondered why it was taught in the schools at all.
while she was struggling very hard to score at least passing marks in the language, she did not know that one day this language will become the centre of her existence.
she did not have the opportunity to go to the college. only an ugly looking boring teacher would come home everyday to teach this group of seven cousins.
in their free time, they would go to the nearby stream to collect some pebbles, get drench in rains & burglar apple orchids.
soon the family was looking for a suitable match for her. a himachali boy came with his family one day. he was working in a big firm in gurgaon(cyber city)
the guy was born and brought up in a metro city & had NEVER BEEN even once to his home town in himachal. since the parents insisted on having a daughter-in-law who could follow the same tradition, they decided to find a simple small town himachali girl. the guy did not mind the idea as he was to get a beautiful looking girl to keep in the bargain.
after settlement of dowry & other rituals related to money, finally the marriage culminated into a life-long relationship between the two.
next week she was in A THREE bedroom flat in one of the high rises in gurgaon. she had never seen such huge buildings before and now she was living on the 25th floor. huge mountains & hills never scared her but these buildings did. she could not sleep for nights all together with a fear that the building might fall.
the husband would go to office at night & sleep during the day. she would step down 25 stories by stairs as she did not know how to use the elevators. even after several attempts by the poor husband, she simply avoided using those. the fear of falling once again.
her cloths were also very different from what others women wore. it was almost another country for her. husband took her to malls during the weekends to buy her some trendy clothes but it took them half an hour to make the wife climb up the escalators.
the husband was now probably getting embarrassed with her presence. her beauty did not charm him anymore.
to please him, she even asked him to bring his colleagues home for lunch. but the whole afternoon, she could not understand a single conversation with them as she could not understand a single sentence of theirs. she wished she had learnt english better when in school. this embarrassed the husband further.
with time, he started escaping all occasions which demanded their presence together. He would attend all parties himself. would shop by himself during the weekend.
she changed her wardrobe entirely. though she did not like even a single cloth out of the collections, yet she wore them. got a new jazzy hair cut too. with the help of cd’s of english learning program, she practiced english learning religiously. her only purpose of existence had reduced to be able to learn the language & impress people around, stay presentable & no more embarrassing the husband.
she learnt to greet people & respond to their basic queries but yet she could not initiate or participate in any sort of discussion. when too much english coming from the other side confused HER, she would defend herself with an immediate forceful “yes yes” & “:” no no” . well the husband was till embarrassed.
with time she gave birth to twin boys. when they started going to pre-school, she could not understand even a single thing spoken by their teachers. she would pick up certain words shared by the teachers and try to find meaning in Google and make an assumption about the development of her kids.
when they grew older and went to a formal school. she became an object of embarrassment to her sons as well. they would insist on calling only the father to come for the school events as they did not find their mom to be upgraded version as other mothers were.
but she did not stop trying. leaving behind all her up-bringing, all her education , her childhood her town- she is still trying to learn the language.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

A New Journey To A New Destiny

Restlessness is giving up.
Its going to give up soon.
That’s the only thing I have in me
That is all I have ever preserved within
That is all I really care for
Nothing much.

But then what else do I exist for.
Why does this entire persona exists.
Why was it born at all
I ask
I ask with a pain, wrath & helplessness

I cry & cry aloud & then wipe my own tears.

Sometimes stay awake till late
sometimes sleep all day & somedays
simply go by, as I lay in
my bed wide awake.
Forget to change sides even.

But why do I exist.

Why can’t I gather  the courage,
stand up one day & fall from
the height, never to see such
helplessness ever again.

And the question remains to be the same
-why do I even exist.

Or why can’t I shed all the tears
Once and forever.
Stand up dust off myself and move on.

To a new road to a new life
A new journey to a new destiny.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

To Give Up All To Become A Rover

What if we were not born from wombs but seeds from the ground?
With no branches or roots around.

With absolutely no heart to feel
And no wound, pain or sorrow to heel

What if we were allergic to each other?
With no family to call our own, no father no mother

And if we were all born brainless
And if this life was absolutely painless

What if we could never ever feel hungry?
And nothing on the earth could even make us angry

Then we had no dreams, no aims no expectations
No trust, no friends, no partners and no affection

No city, no state, no nation, no boundaries
No team, no group, no leaders, no visionaries

If we could fly like birds, go in the middle of the sky to hover
And if we could give up all to become a rover.

Where My Heart Resides

Waking up in the middle of the night
to find no one around
attacked by a sudden feeling,
feeling of hollowness all around.

To find that moon shining,
Shining all alone
and it’s called an epitome of love
then why you standing alone.

And you make me all the more sad
I feel your loneliness in me
and then there is no end to it
only a continuous process of waiting endlessly

Sometimes caress my own curls
rub my eyes to see an empty bed.
Changing sides all night
praying it's not my end

Looking at those lines on my palm
with wide moist tearful eyes
and pray I become a stone heart
Or meet the heart where my love resides.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

To Be An Insignificant Part Of You

Running wildly in the woods
gulping cold, fresh air
trying to have a taste of you
flail my arms in the air
trying to touch you
but find you nowhere
thats an ongoing tragedy
Yet hope prevails.

Everyday I have a new path to ride
every day ends with a sigh.
At times I feel you so near
other times you are a distant dream.
yet hopeful are my eyes
to meet yours once.
And walk several miles
not with you, but like a silent shadow of you

All I want is to be  a part of you.
anything absolutely anything.
A strand of hair
Or your beautiful blue eyes
your rude lips
or those harsh hands
or those fate lines in your palms

or a speck of dirt resting on your shoulders.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Can't Escape From Being Human

Just observed that the title of this article came into my mind before i could start writing the article unlike other times. well this abrupt piece of information has nothing to do with the real article but one thing is that this time ( for a change) I clearly know what I wish to talk about.

Last night from an ancient collection of books(thanks to mom for preserving) I found few letters writen by my grandfather to my father and mother. onc side dedicated to thoughts specific to his son-in-law in poetic 18th century English & the other for his daughter in ethinic Bengali.
since you and I would not be able to comprehend the bengali part of the letter & also it was the English part which attracted me the most.

Almost Thousand words written in a space of 2-3'' with such a microscopic writing yet a flamboyant calligraphic expression which was enough to put me to shame with my rediculous handwriting.

since we have enough discussed about the medium of expression, what was most interesting was the expression itself. honest confession of a father who finds himself absolutely helpless infront of his daughter's will. a regret for not being able to give her all his time. guilt of not being able to save the daughter form that hollowness which was created after the mother had died. and a request to his son-in-law to fulfil all that he could not fulfil as a father. and to treat her like a princess as he always did & to forgive her for all her mistakes as he did. and to always bring smile on her face & happiness in her life as he always wanted to.

in the letter I saw a helpless father who was not hopeless.

love you nanu.  :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Film Fraternity..please don’t embarrass my gender

Was watching some movies lately, watching some female characters portrayed recently. Since a really long time, my gender has been portrayed to be extremely meek, submissive, sacrificing lamb( unrealistic). And then suddenly they leap to portraying us as horny bitches(unrealistic again). What is wrong with you people? Can you not portray us as we are, Simple normal people. We are no freaks or sex maniacs. Poor fraternity when you are not able to create substantial characters for us, you reduce us to object of your fantasies. Age long effort to make hero real heroes and women as fallen breed(someone to be picked up from their misery by men and only men). If the age in today’s film making has come to an age where you are making characters break free from stereotypes, we deserve the same interpretation. Don’t we? We demand a respectful presentation of our characters.
You don’t even know the effect you create on several female minds. In the past we had these housewives who were too sacrificial for their families only because the female characters were portrayed such. And now when you show wives ditching their husbands, girls going to fulfill their weird fantasies before marriage,(in your movies) the whole generation is going  to  follow it. Social responsibility, you have some or you don’t?
And a request to my breed. Please don’t be an idiot. Life doesn’t stop after marriage. So stop acting like a maniac trying to fulfill all their unfulfilled fantasies before marriage. Married life isn’t that boring after al. you can find a friend in your partner who will share your fantasies and you can share theirs. Another thing…..try to see the reality…just because Nargis fakiri goes to see a C grade film in a theatre please don’t follow blindly. What is  shown in the movie never happens, and what happens in the real life is never shown. At such theaters, you will not only be accompanied by richshawalas andt hele walas but you can also find them masturbating and kissing each other. Also it is not that easy to disguise your curves  wearing a loose shirt ….the chances are that you can be badly molested and even more. Do what really interests you . And don’t shy away from being a girly, that what your were made..that’s how you have been and that’s what you are suppose to be. It’s fine to ride a bike but remember always that it’s the same society where a girl with deformity will not get many suitable and respectable life partners. It’s the same place where a girl is never forgiven for her mistakes. Be carefree but never careless.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

being a Sagittarian

Being a True Sagittarian
1. devotees of truth (especially which is raw in nature)
2. sometimes even embarass oneself with such truthfulness
3. find it really difficult to digest/ act normal & reciprocate when people give them a huge smile/hug/kiss with no reasons.
4. very emotional but at the same time too strong to let it reflect.
5. Feel extremely shy/find no words to compliment/ wish on birthdays or anniversaries/ speech on demises & even “ I love you’s”.
6. can be best of friends waking up till late to nurse a sick friend or waiting at the at the airport earlymorning to receive a friend.- these are the everyday work of a Saggi.
7. can be best of enemies too if you mess with their wrong side.
8. trust worthy such that their left ear would not know what you told to the right one.
9. feel most offended if you distrust their honesty, trustworthyness or their intentions.
10. exteremely imaginative & positive
11. capable of adopting silence when offended by others.
12 they don’t mind being called rude, though they are hardly ever
13. moderately revengeful
14. hardly ever seek acceptance from society¸friends or family.
15. they don't think they belong to this world made of concrete. They would rather spend their whole life living on a tree eating apples & hunting for deers.
16. fond of travelling/ adventure- correction “ thats the purpose of their life "– jobs, family, house, car, luxuries, money all these are only fillers in between & the main act is always the travelling.
17. can cry over simplest of emotions such as a small child waving at them & can be strong enough to look across a traitor dying.
18. fond of kids of every form- dogs, pigs, cat, rat & even humans
19. popular among opposite sex for their wits & brains & smart talks.
20. would rather die than asking for a favour.
21. always stand against the emblem of fake authority.
22. addicted to helping people
23. self obsessed. you Will never find a saggi who would become a devdas for a girl..they love themselves beyond everything else
24. very fond of creating dialogues of their own. For them life is like a movie & they are the protagonists. They want every shot to be perfect.
25. perfectionists , hard workers, happy workers, organized by birth.u will even find a baby saggi arranging his feeding bottles and nappies on time.
26. fond of movies of any genre.
27. in an argument , you will never find them justifying. That would be the last thing they would ever think of doing. They believe in winning the arguments with logic. And they master that skill.
28. they will be the first ones ot realize their own mistakes and rectify them even before you notice.
29 . u can never insult them as they know the art of laughing at oneself
30. can be multitalented & hide it from everyone. They might surprise you one day by playing a guitar and suddenly drive a sports bike around like a pro.
And that is not all………..they are of the types who keep on evolving each day.
If you know of some more qualities please add.
Proud to be one

Monday, November 7, 2011

If I

If  I don't stand up when i must
i weaken my self respect.
if i ditch my soul and sleep with power
my existence can never rest.

if i don't dare to speak the truth
i was better born mute.
if i stab someone for power or money
i was better cursed to stay destitute.

if i close my eyes and do not see the reality
i must rather turn blind.
if in pace i don't see my mistakes
i would instead make my life rewind.

if i kill my friend and his friendship
i must stay friendless ever.
if even a day i act like an animal
i should turn into one forever.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

As You Always Owned

The cold breeze which touches my eyes
touches you too
some empty moments & some stories
to share with you.

i humm, write & sing songs
and play their notes
& jumble, mumble and fumble
letters & words into quotes

i try to do anything & everything possible
to spend time till we meet next
waiting endlessly with tearful eyes
for your shoulder to rest

and then fill my mornings & nights
with folded hands & prayers
to be able to reach deep down your heart
peeling all layers

to fall like a leaf & sit beside you
and still like being stoned
and you touch me pick me &
take along as you always owned.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Being In Love Forever

to give thousands of smiles
to win over a heart
love can never be learnt
its a unique art.

capturing every moment of it
frame by frame
loosing everything for the one
and yet no claim

and to know that its such a game
that you will give in all
and kind of bout lost already
thats what you can call

but no matter how many battles you loose
you feel delighted in the end
you need to let it sink in the experience
and let happiness blend.

it was not about
happy endings ever
its only about the feeling of
being in love forever.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Remembering KASAULI




tank in the AMBUSH

remember the dog story

early morning in the hills

road to PEACE

morning sun burning bright

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: chapter5

Chapter 5

Left the place while the housekeeping was still sleeping. The person at the reception was also feeling hateful towards me for waking up so early to check out. It was 7:00 a.m but people around were still indoors. I went to the same diversion point which is also supposed to be a bus stop. 7:30 a.m I boarded a local bus which was supposed to take me to Chandigarh. It took the road which was other than the one we had travelled to reach Kasauli. This road was wider, better, with awesome sceneries. The bus had almost no glasses on the windows & was running at God’s will. It stopped at a petrol station and didn’t start. Well we all waited for the next half an hour. Meanwhile, I saw a group of bikers stopping at the station for the fuel. I enquired where they were heading towards and if they would mind carrying sumone aas a pillion rider. They were going to Ludhaina, so I boarded one of the bikes and we started for the city I had never seen before.

It is always safer to travel with bikers. They never find any girl more interesting than their bikes. We stopped at few turns to capture the nature. The road towards Ludhiana was a little boring and so was the city. So thickly polluted (fourth among the most polluted city in the whole world) that I could hardly breathe. The city is called ‘ Menchester of India’. Only work, no play. No good food joints either. But hwy was I at Ludhiana? Thanks to the bikers & my feather like nature of going with the wind. But then I remembered a long forgotten friend and surprised her with my presence. It is always so special to surprise your loved ones with your smile. After a brunch with her, she helped me board a bus to New Delhi & in next five hours, I was at the same place from where I started less than 48 hours ago. Back to the same monotonous city but a new Travel Tale.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: chapter4

Chapter 4
While my way upto a food joint, saw a Sikh kid delivering dialogues from the movies of Sunny Deol that too with expressions better than Sunny paji himself. I found the 6 yr old very talented but the people around were not as surprised and impress as I was. It was probably his daily routine. While having my favorite Chinese food I was talking to a dog who was supposed to be guarding the place. Any slight sound or movement would catch his attention followed by an immediate action. He was no less than a CIA agent.
Was enjoying the serenity & the calmness in the wind when my friend called up. He had reached Chandigarh safe(to my surprise) & was advising me to go to my room ASAP. I was happy to see that he didn’t die on the way as I expected him to be. But at the same time was wondering why people feel scared of the things they can’t even see. While going back to my hotel room, I saw a group of college girls posing in the middle of the road under a lamp post and posing for their profile pic on FB while I saw a statue of a black dog outside a liquor shop & found it worth a click. But why a statue of dog outside a liquor shop?
Back in the hotel room, had a cup of tea while watching a very hilarious series which I had never seen before. My friend’s talks had made me a little fearful too. So I kept all the lights & TV on while I was getting into deep slumber of sleep. But when I woke up next morning, I found the TV switched off. There were surely some energy saving entities around

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Trip To Kasauli

Chapter 3

I could see sign boards of hotels passing by. Very few people around and everyone watching with amazement. Well it happens whenever a girl roams alone. Finally I reached a point which was the entry to the station. Diversion of a road into three. Took the one going towards Air Force Station. On my way up, noticed a very primitive church with excellent old british style architechture, similar to the one I had seen in mussorie. Found it really alluring. Guard at the Air Force Station gate told me that the entry for the Monkey point(Favorite tourist spot) will open in the morning at 9 am. Looking at beautiful small independent houses around, I came back to the same point of diversion. Met a guy promoting his hotel. Followed the directions given by him & reached a beautiful cozy hotel. HIMGIRI was its name, which made me wonder why was it called so. As I don’t think it ever snows there. Amazed at the variety of forest flowers with varied colors & beauty. Collected some specimen to save in my diaries along with my poems.
Kept my stuff in that hotel room but could not rest even for a second. The nature was calling out so loudly that I  just couldn’t stay indoors. Went out with some warm clothes on to the mall road. Very few and organized shops with very few people shopping unlike any other mall road on any other hill station. There were such less number of people that I could actually count them on my fingers

Monday, October 10, 2011

Trip To Kasauli: Chapter 2 Reaching Kasauli

Chapter 2

Moving towards Kasauli, was reading sign boards of familiar names Solan, Kangra, Nangal. I was trying to choose target for my next trip. And finally the mind decided that they all deserve at least a visit & itinerary will be ready once I reach back home.

We had crossed Parwanoo and was 68 kms away from Kasauli when we met a diversion. While the sign board said something else, the police at a chowki directed us towards a very narrow road which goes staright to Kasauli. Very narrow & broken road but breath taking views. Had never seen such beautiful hills and dense vegetation. I always bragged about dense forests in Assam but these were no lesser. Every turn would bring a better picturesque view. The road was evidently very less taken. I was wondering if people actually visit this place. My dear friend kept on reminding me of possible consequences of staying alone in the ghostly place.
We reached Kasauli at 5:30 p.m. even after several times insisting on staying, my friend decided to leave for Chandigarh before it grows darker, as if it was not already. I was not very hopeful of him reaching home safe. With the kind of fear he had in his eyes, even a natural touch of wind could have killed him of heart arrest. He didn’t even enter Kasauli & left me a kilometer away from the city. But to my pleasure, for the first time in my life, I was walking on the clouds and it was literally as if I was walking on the clouds.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Reaching Chandigarh

Chapter 1
It all started with one monotonous morning in the city. Had a couple of days in hand and absolutely nothing to do. Didn’t want to waste even a single minute in any of the malls, when I know I deserved better. A little restlessness inside gave way to the same old spirit of running away. The idea was to reach as far away as possible & then come back next day. Destination was never decided but the route was somehow drawn in the psyche. Remember! It isn’t about the destination, but about the journey. So I thought of the weirdest and most troublesome way of travelling.
A local road ways till Sonipat, auto till panipat, mini bus till Karnal, roadways again till Ambala and finally a school bus till Chandigarh. Well the fellow travelers were more amazed then you are right now. Was trying to make a world record for travelling on maximum number of modes of transport in one trip. I regret not travelling in a bullock –cart, tractor and a truck in my journey. Though I so dearly wanted to but was falling short of time to enjoy such rural luxuries.
Met an old friend at Chandigarh and had lunch together at Paras Down Town Mall (no different than the Gurgaon malls). While our conversation, he said that Kasauli and Shimla were not very far away and can be reached within three hours. though I earlier I wanted to settle down at Chandigarh and return next day, but now I was getting carried away by the idea of covering another 123kms and reach Kasauli. Suddenly, my journey had started becoming useless without touching the hills. How do I get there was the question and the target was right in front of me.  After bribing him of all sort of sweets available(as he has got a sweet tooth like me), he agreed on dropping me there. He was scared of staying there at night as he had heard a lot many Ghost stories of the region. Some incidences which occurred with his friends. Some of them got me scared too. But I can hardly deviate from my target. Sagittarian, an archer by nature. So I simply can’t help it

Saturday, October 8, 2011


Time passes by and so does the age. Never to reoccur never to replay.
I wish to see the whole world till I am still young
Till I have the courage & strength to follow the most difficult terrains.
Till I still have the right eye sight to look at the amusing beauty around
Till I can still smell the clouds, touch the dew.
I wish to keep running away to destinations unknown.
But it’s not just the destination, but the journey I wish to cherish all my life
So when I will be nearing my death, I will still have the same smile which I had when I first saw the mountains.
And the words which I write now will bring back all the forgotten memories
All forgotten tales of my escapes to these hills
 who have enchanted me forever.
-          Nandita Prakash

Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Substitute of Love

You infected me with a touch
a touch of your sight
and i could feel you
see me all over

and then came in
a pat on the shoulder
and i was assured
that i was doing fine

and those cuddley hugs
being loved like a pup
and a feeling of fulfilment
that yes i am loved enough

and those harsh days
when you would look away
treat me like a cold morsel
and about to throw me away

and things falling in place
along with your smile
bringing back all the pats and hugs
as there is no substitute of love.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Years And The Wrinkles

Bathed in the light of moon
Soothing as the cold wind
Waiting for a glimpse of you
Standing miles away.

With every twist of fate
Waiting to be a part of you
To feel what it feels like
Two bodies and a soul.

To know that he knows
What you thinking and
That you know
What he thinks too.

And never get bored
Of looking at each other
No matter the hours, the days
The years & the wrinkles.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You And Your Happiness

You are happy when I am happy
And happier when I smile,
But to bring that smile on my face
You hardly ever try.

You are hanging around only
Till I have my cheerfulness to offer you.
And then you will stay unavailable
When I will be feeling blue.

You don’t care how I manage to smile
You care about the brightness it spreads,
But then you need not know the mechanism behind it
They are all lose threads.

Even if some day you care about tying,
You will soon find yourself entangled.
Happiness always comes with a price
For mine my life was gambled.

I won or I had to loose
Is simply none of your business
Cause all you care about is
You and your happiness.