Monday, April 30, 2012

The Art Of Walking Away

For all those who always said
you were not worth a penny
not very few in number
they were surprisingly many

and carrying that negativity
that gloom, all the time
& nobody to stop them
from doing this heinous crime.

those poisonous scorpion
pointing stings at you.
leaving your chances of survival
reducing to very few.

but all this while
you were standing strong
& you never let anyone
or anything push you to wrong.

and then who cared about
what the world would say
by now you have mastered
the Art Of Walking Away.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

The Pure State Of Being

And the space isn't that large
but big enough to have me in

for a recluse like me
its better than any heaven

at its leisurely walk
passing from the middle of the sky
to its abode in the west

when it's lights enter the room
from a huge window

inviting me to slide away
all fine curtains
& sit in its warmth

when i just wish to sit carelessly
soaking nothing but it's light

and i so dearly wish to tie
the sun, its light & me
& keep it still forever

with no memories from the past
no worries of the future
just now in the pure state of Being.