Thursday, March 31, 2011

I promise to be with you No matter what it takes

I wana make love to you
Touching you everywhere
Look at you for hours
And smell you like air

Kiss hard your forehead
See it go wrinkle free
Watching you smile
Now that’s happiness to me

Wake up in the middle of the night
To see you sleep like a child
When you are in your masculine best
It makes me go dirty crazy and wild

Sitting beside you in the moonlight
Is one thing I like the most
Celebrating life with you
And raising a toast

I know this life is cruel sometimes
It grills and bakes
I promise to be with you
No matter what it takes

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Everyone Wishes To Own A Lioness

Everyone whishes to own a Lioness
but no one likes her roar

they like her wildness
but abhores her untamed soul

domesticate her and chain like a dog
and guide her to wag her tail and lick your foot

forget carnivorous nature
and start eating vegatarian food

but then why chain a lioness
go bring a swine

its precious then all
my freedom is mine

Saturday, March 19, 2011

That Magical White Light

Carefully carved, standing still
In the middle of the night
Soothing, cold and healing
Is your white light

Your stillness stirs the tides
In the vast oceans
They rise high while you watch
With patience

Mysterious & most desirable you stand
In the middle of nowhere
But then you have companions like
Me with stories to share

You have been sleepless for ages
& so do I
Being sleepless is our destiny
No matter how much we try

I am always full of awe when I
See you growing every night
& I go crazy when I don’t
See the moon’s light

Every ray of your white light fills me
With love, life & happiness
As if an angel bestows them all
In all her fairness

You have been kind to be there
When I needed you the most
When I would lie down for hours
On the wet coast

You brought me back to my senses
To my life
It’s your magical white light
Which kept me alive

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Want To Sleep Beside You

I want to sleep beside you
And wake up being there

Close my eyes looking at you
And open again to share

Wrap my arms around you
When you come fresh from water bare

Long walks holding your arm
And feeling the calm air

Reading my favorite words
With you sitting in the some chair

Wish to stay everyday with you
Only if life stays fair

Imagining a life without you
No I can never dare

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Promise I Will Never Retaliate

Subdue my existence
Use all your worth
Lock my body in a case
& throw me in the sea

Brutally cut me
Into infinite pieces
Drain my blood
And then kill me

Thrash, beat, hit
Oh you must
If you wish to
Hide your anxiety

But however powerful
You might be
You can’t vanish it
Such is my entity

Give me a pen & a paper
And some fresh air
& there a new world
I create

A deep longing
And a deeper crave
Which words & only words
Can satiate

Such ageless is my world
Which will survive
Even when people
Will take you to cremate

Till then you carry on
With your oppression
Promise you that I would
Never retaliate

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Thinking about mysterious ways of life
Charming, alluring and forever testing
Appearing, disappearing charming white light
Always keeps me occupied when I am resting.

She has been extremely unfair a number of times
Yet many us of still survived
Making lives miserable is one of her favorite crimes
Yet many souls revived

She is capable of both the extremes
Like two sides of a coin twinned
Challenges are many in her stream
would surely keep your existence spinned

There she stands unsolved
Like an extremely difficult puzzle
Keeping the whole world involved
Making everyone bedazzled.

No soul could master it as yet
Undefeated she stands there
Several tried their best
But no one could enough dare

This unknown Mysterious Mistress

‘Life’ – its called

Monday, March 7, 2011

If Only My Heart Could Allow

if only my heart could allow
I would have thrown away your memories

Shedding out all tears which could be inside
I would have promised that I would never cry

Its so hard to close my eyes and ask you to go away
While I try to close them, you appear to be closer

Keep myself away from your thoughts
But then you keep appearing in my words

Those who read my words can see you too
My fears are becoming true

I have been trying to hide you deep inside me
But I end up expressing more about thee

I am like a flower attached to you
To go away from you I will have to wait till someone plucks me away

Friday, March 4, 2011

Now I Wish To Change The Tide

Experimenting has been your favorite play
From childhood till today.

You experimented on heights of being scared by throwing at me
All ugly looking creatures on this earth.

Filling my Doll’s House with filthy earthworms
But I endured.

Spooked me peeping through my window at night
Dressed in white. But I endured.

Burdened me with all your notebooks when I had my own
burdened. But I endured.

You could never imagine the height of pain I felt
Watching you flirt with every girl available around.
But I endured.

You disappearing with your friends for months altogether
& never bother to call me once. But I endured.

You considered me anything other than ugly, stupid & useless
While the world had a different opinion. But I endured.

Confiscated my freedom while you enjoyed yours
But I endured.

You can never reach the depth of my endurance
You would rather die trying
But things are going to change
Cause I am tired of crying.

I am looking at the new Horizon wide
Since now I wish to change the Tide.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Am In Love With Pain

Let me sit reduced to a corner beneath the dark night.
Let me be with me and enjoy my pain.

Share, I would never, cause its close to my heart.
Dare, I would never to tear it apart.

I would do what I enjoy the most
Sit, moan and weep for countless hours.

Cry till I loose my breath
Cry till my head aches and nerves go numb.

And then fall on the bed like a dead leaf
Now that’s what I call a painful act

And then next few hours of ecstasy
Give me more of it cause I am in love with pain

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

If I Wish To Change, I Can Change

Looking at the leaves while the world is busy looking at the petals.

searching for hiding worm when they are bewitched by its fragrance

i always carried a different perspective, unusually varied than the ones which they carried.

i found it different, simply different
while they thought i was retarded

i could find bliss where they thought was boredom.
i felt the sorrow & pain where they thought were none.

sometimes you need to have an unusual perspective to look beyond the obvious.

you see a picture of a woman, i see her plight.
you see a child getting dirty in the rain, i could feel his throbbing heart.
when the world calls itself a mean place, i can see love all around.
when they say its all fine, i can see they are wrong.

never bothered, never will, about the world not being able to accept the other side of the coin, while they are busy bouncing on one.

they think their side is the end of the world- nothing was previous, nothing beyond.
patient, as i have always been

i am waiting for the circumstances to toss the coin & let my side win for once.

if i win. i don't promise to change anything.

all i wish to do is to revive a very strong human desire-