Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hate You For What You Did To My Dear Delhi

I love this city, where i was born.Went to school, spent my teenage & college days here. I have her air in my lungs & her water in my blood. I have seen it going concrete from green. Seen it clean unclean. I could never find any fault in her. Rickshaws, pan walas, mochees, & even broken roads - this is how my Delhi has always been.

Now just because some morons wish her to be the best city in the whole world, they have no rights to take away her real essence, her individuality. They promise to make her green, while i notice less trees & more fly-overs. I need to know exactly where are they planning to plant more trees. Over these fly-overs may be?

Shame on you morons for trying to make MY DELHI, Shanghai & her real essence dies. You call it being progressive? You have ruined her, ruined my birth place. The whole world knows that  you were waiting for a chance to fill your filthy pockets. You just needed a chance, a chance to show your shamelessness. You did it with flambouyance.

When a spider knits his web, he is very proud of his artwork but in the process he forgets that his ass is exposed. Go on & show your ass to the whole world. My city has the courage to take such stabbing but then be ready to pay back. Hate you for what you did to My Dear Delhi.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let me be as if I never existed

Standing on the topic of the roof, I feel light. I feel as light as a leaf - dead yellow leaf.
No sap & no possibility of regaining any. End is inevitable. Not sure if it will ever restart again.
Standing at the top, I feel like dropping off myself & float in the air for sometime before I finally fall on the earth.
Feel like breathing in this cold, wild air & breathe out the moist ugly air in me.
Wish to fly like a kite with no strings attached.
Wish to count the trees, look up in the sky for hours at once & sleep on the grass when I can stare no more. Directionless & purposeless like a feather in the air.
Why not let the destiny decide my fate.
Why should I trouble myself then by bothering about whats gona happen tomorrow.
Instead of looking from a window, why not go out in the rain & soak myself in the sap – sap which could help me live.
Let me be spineless & never able to stand.
Let me crawl like an insect but stay close to the earth.
Let me be soil instead & drench my thirst when it rains.
Let me be something insignificant & invisible.
Let me stand at one corner & stay unnoticed.
Let me be as if I never existed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Being human has never been difficult. Deciding whether you should or you should not has always been. I had several options before me, before I finally decided to remain what I was born as. There occurs various circumstances in life which would defeat you & compel you to live like an animal but then the one who survives without loosing his dignity is a true human.

When people demotivate, hinder your growth, you start crawling like a snail. When someone fools you by praising about qualities which you really don’t have, you get carried away & start clapping & jumping like a monkey. When you are jealous of someone’s prosperity, you start acting hideous like a jackal until you change into a wolf & hunt that someone. When some one’s telling you what is right, you pay deaf ears & walk away like an elephant. You stab people & feel happy that no one could see like a cat drinks milk with her eyes closed assuming that the world isn’t looking. When your organization start sinking, you are the first one to leave which then makes you a rat. Like snakes, you bite people who offer you milk. You change several colors like a chameleon. You sting like a Scorpio. Lazy & filthy like a swine. You can be anything but human

We all try so hard to be something else but we don’t know who we really are. Invest sometime in yourself. Try to understand what it takes to be a real human. Is it really as difficult as it appears to be? Or is it as simple as having an Ice- candy. You must embark a journey for the quest. Your life is surely worth its real sense

Monday, September 6, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

From the day we were born till today, we have seen people around who lie, betray, manipulate, hurt & use other people. So when the same people ask us to be good, it appears so superficial. ‘Be Good’ is the phrase we must have heard not less than a million times but yet no one taught us how to be ‘Good’. Some tried preaching but all in vain since they could not practice what they preached.

Thinking about this issue thousand times, observing many people & their experiences, reading & analyzing for a long time, I reached a conclusion. Nobody can ever teach you to be ‘Good’ because we already have this mechanism in us. Human body has an automatic system of protection & healing. When we are hurt physically, our WBC’ &b platelets start working. Similarly, our intuitions & conscious help us win in difficult situations. Our mind always teaches us to be ‘Good’ but we generally avoid hearing its voice. We do certain things only for pleasure where in we know its wrong from within.

It is absolutely advisable to take risks in life. After all, people who dare to risk & take a chance are the real explorers of life. But before taking a chance/risk, always analyze if it’s worth taking it. If yes, then go ahead & win the world. But if you have a doubt, then please wait & prepare yourself for it. Never take a chance which if gone wrong, is never retrievable. Dare to dream big. Dare to make them true, but meanwhile don’t stay lame or blind.