Friday, December 24, 2010


During college days, people become a little carefree. The age is such. A whole year passes away skipping lectures as days pass away like seconds. Well, time waits for no one, neither did it for them. Theirs was an all boys gang. Most notorious among all others. Snatching, ragging, fagging, boozing & doping were some of their hobbies. They were very bright though, but the brightness of their brilliant minds could be seen only through their innovative pranks. They were good in everything but studies. The only time they would study was the night before the exams. They have been successfully cheating well in all their past exams & reached their final year.

The strategy for the final year exam was going to be the same, but this time Raghav was not his usual self. The idea of clearing exam through cheating, while other students studied throughout the year, was very thrilling & exciting for him but not this time. They gang had always felt smarter this way, while for them the other students appeared to be wasting time. It was only Raghav who had now started realizing the futility of clearing exams this way. He had understood that their incomplete knowledge would make them misfit in the world outside the college campus. Raghav did’nt wanted to hurt his friends to hurt his friends by leaving them midway so he decided to be with them in the plan.

During the final exam they all were caught cheating. Smart ass as they were, they were not unprepared for such a situation. They had always decided that if such a situation would ever occur, they would blame the examiner for accusing them deliberately so as to take revenge against the group who had broken his car window once unintentionally. So the same idea was used this time when they were taken to the college principal by the invigilator. Poor invigilator was dumb struck listening to such a baseless allegation meanwhile the principal got doubtful towards his own employee.

In the whole scene, Raghav could not hold back his conscience which had been bothering him for really long. Amidst all mud slugging, he stood up to say that he was the one responsible for everything. he says that even if he is rusticated from the college, he would be fine as in any case he would like to redo his college than clearing his final year through cheating. Principal & his own friends were amazed at his bold decision. Raghav knew that this decision could bring him an expeltion but it brought him respect from his friends.

Next day, after checking the CCTV tape of the previous day, principal reached to only one solution that though all of them were equally involved in the cheating but it was only Raghav who could realize his mistake & is ready to pay the price for that. So it was definitely Raghav who had the ability to correct his mistake if given a chance.

All friends were expelled from the college whereas Raghav was forgiven and asked to repeat his final year only. But it was win win situation for all. The other friends joined the neighboring college and started from the scratch. This time the really studied.

One honest step could inspire many. You need to take it and yes honesty finally pays.

Monday, December 20, 2010

......To Make Me Write & Collect Some Praise

It touches me when I am not expecting it at all.
Pokes my mind when it wishes to rest.
It gets me dreamy and pushes me to fall.
Finally makes me nostalgic putting all its best.

I often wish to give it some name
But I am always full of words which appear waste for it.
My entire knowledge of years appear uselessly lame.
I must find name for it.

It can be called an inspiration may be
But then ‘imagination’ appears to be a better word.
Or may be a ‘vision’ which God gifted me.
Or call it ‘freedom’ like a free flying bird.

As I told you already, no word seems to be perfect.
Or shall I keep it nameless always.
Believe you me, it would hardly effect.
Because all it wants is to make me write & collect some praise.

Lets Make Such A Bond

Here I sleep with you, In the middle of the night.

Here I lie beside you & touched by the silver moonlight

The moon stands up there cold, and you are so warm.

But you both are equally reflecting each other’s charm.

I look at him and then look at you.

While I could very much smell the morning dew.

The wind is still, so is the moon and so are we.

I can sleep here for countless nights if you let it be.

Or better still if a light wind takes us along on an endless journey.

Take me in your arms and then gently turn me.

Then let me look into your eyes for eternity and beyond.

Unbreakable should be its synonym, lets make such a bond.


Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Rohima& Sangeeta.What is the first thing which strikes you when you read theses names? Pronunciation of these names, gender or their race? For me, they are two middle aged women.

They work as maids in the pantry area in my office. Been together for past five years, they are best of friends. Thanks to their hearts full of concerns for me, I have started taking meals on time. I have also put on some weight because of that extra love which they shower on me for reasons unknown.

They always fill in for each other. Their name do not represent two different individuals. They rather sound synonms to me. They take care of each other during fasting as well as feasting. I have seen Sangeeta working extra during Ramzaan fasting to unburden Rohima of her daily work. Rohima does the same for Sangeeta on her 'Solah Somvaar Vrats'(Monday fasting). I have seen them treating each other & everyone around with "Meethi Sewai" & "Boondi Laddoo" on various occassiosn.

These women embolise the true spirit of friendship & festivity. They celebrate their friendship everyday, while washing dishes,cooking food,serving tea.Various festivals, which are plenty in number in India, add on to their bright & beautiful life.

When I look at them, laughing together, leaders fighing for 'Babri Masjid' & 'Ram Janm Bhoomi' appear so insignificant. Which court decides what & for whom, do you think it will ever effect friends such as Rohima & Sangeeta? I have my doubts, not on their friendship but on the leadership skills of orators who use communalism as a tool.Shame on them & Cheers to Rohima & Sangeeta & their friendship. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Be What She Is Born To Be

The brightness of the flowers on her clothes

are unmatchable with the brightness in her eyes

Her thin hands holding flowers tell

tales of many foodless nights.

Those curious gazes which can make

many intellectuals go weak down their knees

I could see that substance in her never seen before

looking at her vitality other life forms will surely seize.

This filth in the air cannot smudge those dreams in her eyes

it is her heart where the real substance lies

You can drag, push, pull and hide her

but you can never tame her wildness.

She would become a daughter, sister, wife or a mom

and will continue to shower her kindness

Then there would be many who would try to extinct her specie

but she has always survived & will continue to be what she is born to be.

     This post is dedicated to a very creative photographer Joshi Daniel & his creativity. The sketch of the girl pasted above is a sketch made by me looking at a photo clicked by Daniel with a title 'In her own world'.Excellent work buddy. Your photo inspired me to write few lines about this unknown girl & many like her. I hope you all like it.Cheers to creativity !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take Me Away When I Am Still In My Prime

Will you still be looking at me when                           
my beauty fades away
Even when my lovely curls
 start turning grey.

When my vision will turn
blurred & I  would not be able to see you.
Still stay close to me
won’t you?
When I could not go out to
see places
will you not keep me warm
 with your embraces.

Will you not hold my hand
when I will jump in the sea
Will you not splash in
to save me.

Will you not run after me
when I run away from you
Won’t you get up early with me
to taste the dew

Will you not hold me when I
would be jumping from the rooftop
Will you not slap me hard
& say “please stop”

Will you not try to
bring me back to my senses
Will you not even
try to take such chances

Will you not kiss me
when I am on my deathbed
Will you not wish to
make me undead

Won’t you love to spend
with me a lifetime
So please take me
away when I am in my prime.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hate To See You Go

I hate to see you go
to places unknown.
It keeps me stagnant
& makes me moan.

I hate it when i don't
know where will you be.
When i don't know if
i would ever be able to see.

I hate it when i
know that you would surely die
and all i can do is
turn sides & coldly sigh.

I hate to keep myself
in uncertainty.
It becomes impossible
to keep up my sanity.

I hate it when you
even forget my name.
Your love has made me
helpless & lame.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hate You For What You Did To My Dear Delhi

I love this city, where i was born.Went to school, spent my teenage & college days here. I have her air in my lungs & her water in my blood. I have seen it going concrete from green. Seen it clean unclean. I could never find any fault in her. Rickshaws, pan walas, mochees, & even broken roads - this is how my Delhi has always been.

Now just because some morons wish her to be the best city in the whole world, they have no rights to take away her real essence, her individuality. They promise to make her green, while i notice less trees & more fly-overs. I need to know exactly where are they planning to plant more trees. Over these fly-overs may be?

Shame on you morons for trying to make MY DELHI, Shanghai & her real essence dies. You call it being progressive? You have ruined her, ruined my birth place. The whole world knows that  you were waiting for a chance to fill your filthy pockets. You just needed a chance, a chance to show your shamelessness. You did it with flambouyance.

When a spider knits his web, he is very proud of his artwork but in the process he forgets that his ass is exposed. Go on & show your ass to the whole world. My city has the courage to take such stabbing but then be ready to pay back. Hate you for what you did to My Dear Delhi.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let me be as if I never existed

Standing on the topic of the roof, I feel light. I feel as light as a leaf - dead yellow leaf.
No sap & no possibility of regaining any. End is inevitable. Not sure if it will ever restart again.
Standing at the top, I feel like dropping off myself & float in the air for sometime before I finally fall on the earth.
Feel like breathing in this cold, wild air & breathe out the moist ugly air in me.
Wish to fly like a kite with no strings attached.
Wish to count the trees, look up in the sky for hours at once & sleep on the grass when I can stare no more. Directionless & purposeless like a feather in the air.
Why not let the destiny decide my fate.
Why should I trouble myself then by bothering about whats gona happen tomorrow.
Instead of looking from a window, why not go out in the rain & soak myself in the sap – sap which could help me live.
Let me be spineless & never able to stand.
Let me crawl like an insect but stay close to the earth.
Let me be soil instead & drench my thirst when it rains.
Let me be something insignificant & invisible.
Let me stand at one corner & stay unnoticed.
Let me be as if I never existed.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Being human has never been difficult. Deciding whether you should or you should not has always been. I had several options before me, before I finally decided to remain what I was born as. There occurs various circumstances in life which would defeat you & compel you to live like an animal but then the one who survives without loosing his dignity is a true human.

When people demotivate, hinder your growth, you start crawling like a snail. When someone fools you by praising about qualities which you really don’t have, you get carried away & start clapping & jumping like a monkey. When you are jealous of someone’s prosperity, you start acting hideous like a jackal until you change into a wolf & hunt that someone. When some one’s telling you what is right, you pay deaf ears & walk away like an elephant. You stab people & feel happy that no one could see like a cat drinks milk with her eyes closed assuming that the world isn’t looking. When your organization start sinking, you are the first one to leave which then makes you a rat. Like snakes, you bite people who offer you milk. You change several colors like a chameleon. You sting like a Scorpio. Lazy & filthy like a swine. You can be anything but human

We all try so hard to be something else but we don’t know who we really are. Invest sometime in yourself. Try to understand what it takes to be a real human. Is it really as difficult as it appears to be? Or is it as simple as having an Ice- candy. You must embark a journey for the quest. Your life is surely worth its real sense

Monday, September 6, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

From the day we were born till today, we have seen people around who lie, betray, manipulate, hurt & use other people. So when the same people ask us to be good, it appears so superficial. ‘Be Good’ is the phrase we must have heard not less than a million times but yet no one taught us how to be ‘Good’. Some tried preaching but all in vain since they could not practice what they preached.

Thinking about this issue thousand times, observing many people & their experiences, reading & analyzing for a long time, I reached a conclusion. Nobody can ever teach you to be ‘Good’ because we already have this mechanism in us. Human body has an automatic system of protection & healing. When we are hurt physically, our WBC’ &b platelets start working. Similarly, our intuitions & conscious help us win in difficult situations. Our mind always teaches us to be ‘Good’ but we generally avoid hearing its voice. We do certain things only for pleasure where in we know its wrong from within.

It is absolutely advisable to take risks in life. After all, people who dare to risk & take a chance are the real explorers of life. But before taking a chance/risk, always analyze if it’s worth taking it. If yes, then go ahead & win the world. But if you have a doubt, then please wait & prepare yourself for it. Never take a chance which if gone wrong, is never retrievable. Dare to dream big. Dare to make them true, but meanwhile don’t stay lame or blind.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Something burning within
A desire or a dream
A thought or embodiment of creativity
Or mere intellectual gleam

What it does to human minds
Is a long persuaded mystery unsolved
Grown all the more complex
Its ambiguity has definitely evolved

Driving away all their pragmatism
Draining away their rationality
Making them unreasonable & insane
& when extreme, can spilt their personality

Someone with brain gave it a name
A little close to the feel, its called “Poetic Urge”
Deadlier than the twister, disastrous than a flood.
A truthful outburst & “ The Poet” emerge

The master of the world of words
The creator of his own kingdom
Imagination & creativity abound
The embodiment of supreme wisdom


Something burning within
A desire or a dream
A thought or embodiment of creativity
Or mere intellectual gleam

What it does to human minds
Is a long persuaded mystery unsolved
Grown all the more complex
Its ambiguity has definitely evolved

Driving away all their pragmatism
Draining away their rationality
Making them unreasonable & insane
& when extreme, can spilt their personality

Someone with brain gave it a name
A little close to the feel, its called “Poetic Urge”
Deadlier than the twister, disastrous than a flood.
A truthful outburst & “ The Poet” emerge

The master of the world of words
The creator of his own kingdom
Imagination & creativity abound
The embodiment of supreme wisdom

Its Always Subjected To Change

Its been really long since I had
seen my real self.
So I got up, dusted myself
of this worldly dust
& there I was
Clean & clear
Pure & beautiful as ever
& then I realized that it was
not I who had changed,
But the worldly dust
which segmented & cast me hard.
I thought it was forever
until I realized that
all I had to do was move.
So the cast cracked
& here I am- The Real Me.
Clean & clear
Pure & beautiful as ever.

Amazing isn’t it?
Would you not like to try it for yourself?
Keep all aside.
This quest is worthwhile.
The quest to find yourself.
The quest to prove the fact
that no matter how hard
the cast might be,
But its always subjected to change.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Lesson 15 - Why saying Goodbye Is Always Painful?

As I started moving towards the private bus stand, it started raining again. I was already missing that moist smell, warmth & coziness of my hotel room. Then a weird idea slightly crawled into my mind. Why not stay back, search for job, a house on rent? Why not just disappear for the people in Delhi? Why not just let them assume that I died on a crazy trip & meanwhile create a beautiful life here among hills. I have always wondered why I get emotionally connected to the nature & places than humans. I wish I was a tree or a mountain rock. The nature was crying & so was I to part once gain for an indefinite period of time.

With a real heavy heart, I boarded the bus. Unlike my previous experience, this bus started on time. Passing through the same conventional Kullu- Manali road, again saw my kin Vyas. Running wilder, as if trying to catch hold of me. It was getting darker & gloomy. To distract my mind, I was listening to some of my favorite songs. Don’t remember when I fell asleep. In my sleep, I dreamt about the bus falling into the river & drowning slowly. I saw water level increasing from the window. I was so choked in my dream that it awakened me. It took me few minutes to realize that it was only a dream. I kept on looking at the river for a really long time.

The bus stopped at a very lonely place to unload some stuff. Exactly then, I saw a procession passing through that dark lonely road. They were carrying some idols in a Palaki, dancing & singing with devotion. Himachal has many places of mythological relevance & the people are devoted enough to keep the old tradition alive. Sighting such a procession is considered to be fortunate. So I assumed it was a blessing for me too. The gloominess stared fading away & the sky became brighter with a nearly full moon. I always felt a connection with the moonlight. It kind of refills me with life & keeps me going for the rest of the month. Had a good night’s sleep & when I woke up, I was already in Delhi. Guess what? It was raining in Delhi as well. From that day till today, the weather in Delhi has been really pleasant & rainy. I believe I brought it as a gift from Manali.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lesson 14 - Last Day At Manali

Next day was my last day in Manali. I was supposed to catch a bus at 4:30 pm. Woke up in the morning earlier than usual. And unusually it was very clear & bright outside. Probably the place was happy to see me go, but I wasn’t. Lying at my bed, I kept on looking at the hill & the valley from the window for a couple of hours. Was breathing heavy, trying to store that peculiar fragrance of the moist wooden interior of that room. So that I could remember these hours whenever I wish, even after I m long gone from this place. My lovely run- away trip was coming to an end.

Checking out time was 11 am & Pinka was already present at the reception with his cab to throw me back to the main Manali city. Pinka, though a shy guy, somehow managed to compliment me for two things – my compact luggage & courage to come out to a strange city alone. While he was driving towards the city, I tried exploring his knowledge about various ways of reaching Nepal, his native place. So any guesses where my next unplanned runaway trip would be? He dropped me at the Mall road & insisted on meeting whenever I come back. Before I could say goodbye, he gifted me with a piece of advice. In a very grave & concerned voice he said “Mam, please don’t go to strange places alone. You may be nice but the world isn’t”. For an arrogant girl like me, who listens to none, it was strangely but surely touching. Little did he know that sometimes it is not the choice but the destiny.

Had to kill time,so I walked down to the only so- called multiplex in the city, Picadelly. Adjacent to the Private bus stand, this multiplex is actually a single screen theatre with blue dragons on the either side & good sound quality. Next three hours spent watching a funny bollywood movie. Went back to the Mall road to treat myself with my favorite Momos. Went to a road-side knife seller. Knives of all sizes & for all purposes. Very interesting & diverse variety. But all interesting ones were more than 6 inches & were thus illegal to carry & keep. Unfortunately can’t buy them. Reminded me of a collection of Swiss knives in a showroom in a Mall in Gurgaon. Amidst all this I happen to saw a familiar face smiling at me. The same foreigner guy who had to spend the whole journey on the aisle while coming to Manali. I reciprocated his friendly smile. Before we could start a conversation, I realized that it was time to go. Time to board the bus & go back home. But was I not leaving one for another. Existentialism erupted in my psyche.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Lesson 13 - My Best Ever Bike Ride

Moving towards Naggar, I saw many sign boards of various interesting places but had to leave some of them for my next unplanned journey. There are a number of apple orchids near Naggar. The place is famous for these lovely apple orchids & corn fields. Green apples were turning red while corns were still very small. So wanted to pluck an apple & run away. It was not for the taste of an apple but for the taste of stealing. Parked my bike on one side, ran towards a tree, pluck two & fled away. I could see the natives laughing at me. But the feeling of stealing is so exciting that I could never resist. Last time when I was here with my college friends, we had actually robbed a whole orchid of golden apples at 4 o’clock in the morning. This trip was incomplete without this act of stealing.

Passing through Manali, I decided to move towards Rohtang. 57kms away from main Manali, this place is a gate way to heaven. Last time when I was there, I had gone really ill. Wanted to go back again to win that extreme climate which defeated me last time. Extremely dangerous road, horrifying & rude hills around. Zero oxygen makes these hills rocky with no vegetation. Though it was sunny but somehow I could feel the possibility of a climate change. I had crossed Kothi but then something stopped me. Parked my bike. Went to a Bhutta seller, sat beside him. Cozy sun, green grass & a hot bhutta. Wanted to stay there forever. Life rarely gifts such simple pleasures in life.

My intuition was getting stronger. So I pushed myself. While returning back, I saw a couple of bike riders loaded with stuff. Assuming them to be coming from Leh, I started following them. Got fascinated to see their dirt laden bikes. Following their rhythm, I reached Manali. I stopped at a roadside tea stall. There I heard some people talking about snow fall around Rohtang & a landslide near Kothi. My intuition never fails me. Sat at the terrace of an abandoned house beside that tea stall, looking at the sunrays disappearing behind the hills. Today’s was my best bike ride ever

Monday, August 16, 2010

Lesson 12 - I Was Blessed Again

Riding ahead I reached Bhuntar & then decided to take a U- turn. This time I decided to take other road which leads to Naggar & runs parallel to the conventional Kullu-Manali road. To pass from one road to another there is a very huge & beautiful bridge which needs to be traveled. This Naggar road was far better than the other road. Wonder why it was less taken & so smooth. Perfect for a loner like me.

Manikaran – another hot water spring spot was few kms away but I decided to skip. I don’t know what is really wrong with these hot water springs which keeps me away from them. Never been able to see one because of this internal reluctance. It had stopped raining by then, but I was still with my rain coat on. It was noon & I was having those hunger pangs. There was a very small cafe at the bank of Vyas. It was so close to the river that a high tide could actually pour in some water inside. I started wondering about the condition of this place during floods. The cafĂ© owner got so fascinated to see an Indian girl riding alone that he paid special attention to my needs such as extra butter on the parantha & more sugar in my tea. He even waived at me when he saw me leaving. I am sure, he must have dreamt about me the whole day & probably night.

Next was one of the best experiences of my life. With continuous cold winds entering my ears, my head had started aching. Soon I reached a Tibetan Monastery built in 2005. I had never seen a Monastery before. At its entrance there was a junior school for junior lamas. In the middle was the place for worship & a resourceful library. Then there were quarters for other lamas all around. When I took the steps up to go inside the place of worship I was astonished to see the world around. It was truly eternal. Facing the place of worship was a huge mountain& a seamless sky. Had never seen such a scenery ever. When I entered the place of worship, my headache had suddenly disappeared miraculously. This place was beautifully decorated with laces & frills. Pictures of many kings & Gods were hanging all around the place. A blue statue of Gautam Budhha was very alluring with other beautiful sculptures around. Here no one appeared to be strange. They all smiled without any provocation & their smiles were so natural & real unlike yours & mine. They were the real devotees of god. The grace of God reflected through their smiles. Once again I felt truly blessed

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Yet another day to glorify you
To spread cheer & sing songs
To forget whats gone & embrace new
This is where my heart belongs

The creator, the nurturer, the preserver
You are my only shelter
I have a mother yet you are dearer
But some things are there to alter

Alteration of minds which have gone crazy
Who kills their knowns
Amidst blood, reason has gone hazy
Everyone has become unknown

But I believe in my love for you India
& will turn everyone around
Brothers would hate each other no more
& killings will surely go down

Remembering Gandhi, Subhash, Azaad
We are all their descendents
No matter how difficult it may appear
But would preserve our glorious Independence.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Lesson 11- Unpredictable To The Brim

Next morning was not very bright. Cloudy & rainy again. Still feverish I stayed in bed till a little late than usual. This was getting lethargic with more number of cups of tea. Didn’t wanted to waste even a single day. I had been waiting for this trip for really long. So I got my survival kit ready with medicines, dry fruits, water & few others.

Today’s journey was going to be unplanned & unpredictable to the brim. No idea, no route map, no itinerary only movements- of lifetime. So I went out loaded with a rain coat, pair of rubber boots & my survival kit. Hired a bike for Rs 500 after negotiation from a bike shop in main Manali. Leaving the crowd behind I took up that conventional Manali- Kullu route when rain was still on. Hills on my right & Vyas on my left. No matter how much I try, Vyas would win. It felt as if we were running together. Indeed we were. It was cold, very cold. My running nose got freezed but then there occurred a leak. A leak in the eye which occurs when there is overwhelming happiness, love & freedom. Felt like nature’s own. Never felt so loved, so pampered as I did now amidst these hills & this river.

Reached Kullu but yet unstoppable. Few kms away from Kullu, there is a Rabbit Farm. I had already crossed it’s sign board but something brought me back. 800 Rabbits of German breed. Size varying from that of a cat to dog. Funny looking faces. A set of women shaving off their furs in a room. These furs are sold at a very high price for manufacturing Angora Shawls. I wanted to buy a pair of them, but the owner said that they would die in the climate of Delhi. Not the shawls, rabbit. All these rabbits looked different but had the same look in their eyes. They all had a desire to be free. Run wild as they were born to be

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Lesson 10 - A Blessed Day

Next stop was Hadimbaa Temple. Spot for many famous bollywood scenes. The old ritual of sacrificing lambs is still prevalent here. Also known as Dhoongri Temple, it is situated in the middle of a forest of Deodar trees. Made in 1533 A.D, the temple has an awesome architecture. You could also find horns of sacrificed animals hanging on one side of the temple. Serene surrounding & welcoming jungle around.

Opposite to the temple is a park called Great Himalayan National Park. There is a track which when followed, takes you to a beautiful jungle with no wild animals but amusing scenery. Noticed a sign board which said “Environment is like our mother, once destroyed we can’t get another”. I got lost in the woods. Always wanted to & here I was amidst the beauty of green. Wanted to stay lost forever. But then there was much to be discovered.

Moving back towards the civilization, I went to the Club House. It has indoor games facility & a nice restaurant. Played my favorite Pool for half an hour, fed myself well & moved on.

Next stoppage was Manu Temple. The only temple of Manu Rishi in India, who is believed to have created human race on earth. Yet to understand why did he do that. Create a species which not only harms themselves but religiously destroys everything around. Well, coming back to the temple, it has a number of bronze statues of several Gods & Goddesses. Amidst all stands the statue of Manu Rishi.

It was already evening. Time to go back to the hotel. But was I not missing a very important thing? Rain Coat & boots. Though I so wanted to avoid that crowded Mall Road but ultimately had to confront that ugly crowd of human race created by Manu Rishi. Got myself a pink Barbie rain coat & a pair of rubber boots. Some things remind me that after all, I am a girl. They were not just products but soon they were going to be a part of an unforgettable journey. So even before the journey, they were already dear to me.

Went back to the hotel. First day spent with ultimate pleasure. Gathered blessings which would now last for another five years. Lots more to follow. I must sleep now. But watched ‘Golden eye’ & ‘Pink Panther’ before I finally fell asleep with another pill to keep me well next day. The day gone was well utilized but then there was so much to follow

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lesson 9 - A Perfect Blessed Begenning

First destination of the first day of my journey was a village called Jagat Sukh, 6 kms away from Manali. As the name suggests, there was peace all around. This place was the previous capital of Kullu. The place has a Shiva temple behind which there is another temple called Gayatri temple. Statues in these temples are said to be placed at the time of Pandavas. Awesome woodwork, unmatchable artwork. The Pandits of both the temples were very affectionate people. The Pandit in the Shiva temple could speak fluent English & his 80 yr old mother too had a good vocabulary. When I first saw him, he was delivering a lecture on mythology & history related to the temples to a group of foreign tourists.

Gayatri temple is taken care of by a middle aged widow who is a Kashmiri pandit. She made me do a very brief puja to cleanse my sins. But I don’t really believe that such a brief puja could cleanse my dirty soul. She blessed me well with a very rare truthful smile. An extremely affectionate experience.

My next destination was the village of Vashisht named after sage Vashisht. 3kms away from Manali, this place is famous for a hot sulphur spring inside the Vashisht temple & a Ram Mandir which is opposite to Vashisht temple. Though I have been to Vashisht temple twice but somehow could not enter. I could never comprehend why but I simply could not enter. So unfortunately have nothing to tell about this place.

I went to Ram Mandir instead which was another lovely experience. There I met a wise man C L Acharya Ji, the pandit & care taker of the temple. Educated, 68 yr old man with good health, creamy hair & lots of enthusiasm. Sat beside him for sometime. His only daughter lives in my city; this probably brought him closer to me. He started treating me as his long lost daughter. We exchanged addresses & he promised to meet me & my family when he visits his daughter next time. He was curious to know about other places I have been to. His age could not kill the traveller in him. He has been fond of travelling all his life & he still wanted to go to places he has never been to. What a SPIRIT! I must say.

In less than two hours, I had met four interesting religious people. Full of affection, purity & life. They were all old people but there was one more thing common in them. Even after so many years, they simply loved their jobs. I wish me & my friends could feel the same when we grow old

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lesson 8 -First Morning In Manali

Next morning was all the more moist. It had rained the whole night & was still pouring. Manali was welcoming me really well. All I could see out of my window were clouds. Dense white clouds. Morning tea never seemed so soothing & special as it appeared then. Creativity is at its best, early in the morning. That’s what I had always believed & observed as well. Wrote few lines while still on my bed. Well don’t know when did this strange bed became mine. Popped another pill with the breakfast.

Local guide & my cab driver was present at the reception already. Pinka, a middle aged Nepalese who looked like a 16 year old teen. Awesome voice & flawless diction of Hindi, which could even put me to shame. He has been working here for the past 7years. He has two kids & a wife in Nepal. He was surprised to see me all alone as I was surprised to see his awesome, fast yet smooth driving on those uneven roads with deadly crisp turns. Decent guy with a decent smile. There was another thing which I really liked was his name – Pinka. Cute, would like to name one of my sons with the same name.

Though I am not a very religious person but I like the serene environment around the places of worships. Temples, churches, monasteries, they all carry similar kind of vibrations which are healing in nature. I suppose its nothing else but the power of hope & faith. Several people visit here with hope & faith in their hearts & spread it around. So the first day in Manali was going to be started with visitations to some of the primitive temples in & around Manali. Curious to know about the stories behind their creations & Sthapana, I started my journey.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lesson 7 - Freedom Comes With Loneliness

When the bus reached Manali, it was evening already. On my way to Manali from Bilaspur, I had been reading signboards of Sundernagar, Rampur, Haripur. Was thinking about another possible itinerary.

10 kms away from Manali, there is a small village called Aleo.556 total population. Small corn fields & apple orchids. Decided to live there. It was drizzling outside. Probably this is how Manali decided to welcome me – with a moist lovely weather & a familiar cold breeze.

The woodwork in the hotel room, reminded me of my aunt’s house in Shillong. Same warmth, same wood. I was feeling a little feverish. Thanks to the cold I had been infected with in Delhi. Had an awesome dinner, popped a pill & watched a couple of movies. Also looked at the local Himachali cable channel with amusement for sometime. Went to the reception to check out some information about the local attractions & book a cab for the next day. Though I had been to all local attractions on my previous trips, but was checking if I had missed something last time. My immediate requirement was a rain coat, without which my trip could have been in trouble. The rain was surely there to stay. Availability of a rain coat was rare in the nearby locality. Had to go to the main mall road next day for the same.

So hopeful for a bright sun next morning, I went to my room. When I got into my bed & looked around the empty room. A sudden pang of loneliness stung me. There I was a single entity, in a strange state, among strange people & lying on a strange bed. But that’s what I always wanted. Freedom comes with a strange tag of loneliness. Longing for a warm lovely embrace, I fell asleep, stretched on the same strange bed. Hoping to meet someone in my world of dreams, where I originally belong

Friday, August 6, 2010

Lesson 6- my kin - River Vyas

After every strange hurdle, there was a sweet surprise waiting. Saw Vyas after a really long time. She is called Beas & later it changes into river Satluj. Beautiful but dangerous. Alluring yet killing. She always had a magical effect on me. Feel like drowning, swept away with its flow. Ferocious, unfriendly yet attractive Vyas reflects the true form of passion. She personifies love for freedom, movement, change, life, excitement, adventure & lots more which is unidentifiable by a human mind. I don’t mind drowning in such a form of passion anytime. It will surely set my soul free or even make it immortal.

At this time of the year, she is dirty & thick with mud. Appears to be all the more rustic like a dirty village lass but yet a marvel. Like a crazy untamed girl she runs unstoppably. Several years ago when I had met her for the first time, we interacted for several hours. Sometimes in days & some nights as well. Nights & the moon bring more passion in her, making her all the more beautiful. Her loudness kept me awake for several nights during my previous trips. But then she accepted me & so did I. we are equally fond of each other. Its may be because we are alike. That’s why she keeps calling when I am away on plains & I keep coming back as I promised her

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I woke up at 5:00 am to find myself amidst hills. Watching hills has always been such an overwhelming experience for me & now was experiencing the same. I kept on looking around for almost an hour till my head refused to move from left to right.

The bus was still not in a very good condition. We all prayed to reach Manali soon. It was already 8:00 am & we were still 167 kms away from our destination. Driver stopped the bus a couple of times to repair it. After we had our breakfast at another dhaba, we moved towards Bilaspur. Bus maintained its consistent speed of 40 kms/hr.

Soon the bus was stopped by the people from Highway Authorities for routine check up. And then started the real fun. The only document which the driver had was his driver’s license. No R.C no pollution checks. Not even a single document related to that huge troublesome bus. Hilarious it was for me though people found it really shocking. But in India, there is a cure for everything. The people from the Highway Authorities demanded Rs 5000 to release the bus. That poor driver had no money, or this is what he said. So the passengers decided to contribute & get the bus released. We were so desperate to reach Manali that we were even ready to sell ourselves. Such small contribution stood nothing against that. There was only one thing which bothered me. If this bus would have met an accident, no one could claim anything from their insurance company. This episode gives us a lesson that whichever bus you board in, before u check your seats, don’t forget to check the papers from the driver.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Lesson 4 On The Run

The bus finally started at 9:30 pm. It lingered around various stoppages in Delhi itself to pick up more people for at least another hour. The bus was not at its best condition & finally when we had reached Delhi’s border, it collapsed. I could see other local buses going to Himachal. For once I wanted to switch but loyalty is rewarded. After all everything around was going my way- The Unplanned Way. Meanwhile, the driver somehow fixed up the problem after another hour & moved on. Leaving all the traffic & rush behind we finally got out of reach of a metro city.

It was a bright night with a bright moon but was a little cloudy as well. Then started those trails of trees beside the highway, those huge factories & godowns. I could feel people sweating in some of those factories while some were dark & appeared to be haunted. There was water clogging on the fields may be because of the recent floods in Punjab. Many small houses were abandoned. Several homes which turned into houses. Was thinking about their different stories. I could hear their plight, could feel their pain. Several voices, all together. This exercise turned out to be so exhausting that I don’t remember when did I fell asleep. But was surely after everyone else did, because I remember watching everyone asleep.

It was half past midnight when I woke up. It was because of a Tarzan yelling somewhere at the backside. One Japanese student had this funny habit of yelling like a Tarzan when in sleep. Thanks to him, everyone was awake & laughing but him. There was a half an hour halt at a Punjabi dhaba before Chandigarh. Dal- roti on Khatt under the bright moon – deadly combination. Slept well the remaining night

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

LESSON 3 - Finally It Started

My journey usually starts when I reach ISBT delhi & play inky pinky ponky between different counter numbers. Hills are my favorite. Higher the better. Ok, so here I decide to take a 14 hr journey to Manali. 5:30 pm is when my bus is going to start from Delhi & 8:00 am next day is when I am suppose to reach Manali. Simple. No, not really. Guess what? This is going to be the first level of test.

6:30 pm & no bus is to be seen. At such times you would find your travel agents appearing to be busier than the Prime Minister of the nation. He is continuously on phone & has no time for our obvious query – what happened to the bus? Rumors are that the bus which was supposed to take us to Manali has already fallen into a ditch loaded with people. Some people call off their journey calling it as a bad sign. No further information is provided by our dear travel agent. Well in the whole process the most suffered lot among all were a group of 15 Japanese school students along with 5 teachers out of which only one could understand & speak Hindi. Uninformed, neglected they sit, all piled up in one corner, all drenched in sweat. Above them is the board which says “ATITHI

Its 8:00pm & now our beloved travel agent is nowhere to be seen. He has locked his office & has run away. Hey! I thought only I had an expertise in this field. Well then suddenly at 9:00pm, the same bus with the same number appears which was supposed to be here at 5:30pm. But was it not supposes to be lying in some ditch? Curious but glad. And there appears our travel agent with a pumped up chest as if he is the one who took the bus out off the ditch & brought it here. So finally, we board in forgetting about the seat numbers printed on our tickets. We occupy whatever seats we could grab. In the middle of this mess, there is another foreign national who could not manage to get a seat. Instead of waiting for another bus, which was improbable, he decided to board our bus & go without a seat. Poor guy was on the aisle throughout the whole journey but still it could not kill his enthusiasm. Some people teach you so much without uttering a single word.

Monday, August 2, 2010


Once you are convinced about the benefits of running away, let us get into the action. Well you dare not plan anything – this is the first lesson which you need to learn. Things never go by plan & when they don’t, they only pile up agitation. So keep it simple – no plan & no agitation. Remember – most beautiful things in life are always unplanned.

Next lesson which you must learn is to shed all egos. You may be a CEO at your workplace but you are still nothing for the world. Move out of your home as an amateur traveler & you would be really happy during your journey. So be ready for zero seats availability, arguments, fights, false commitments by travel agents, sleeping on the aisle of the bus & stay unusually calm & polite. The more you are tortured during the journey, more valuable & knowledgeable it will be for the rest of your life. Who said running away was easy?

Sunday, August 1, 2010


It all starts with a pumped up kick in the ass. Sometimes exerted by other people or circumstances, but most of the times it’s a self start mechanism. The feeling of running away is not a trait specific only to some lunatics like me but it is so commonly prevalent in all of us that we don’t even realize its there, like we don’t realize breathing -in air. We are all born athletes & our favorite sport is running. So we run from our real self, our responsibilities, hard work, taking initiative, charity, people, relationships & whatever else goes wrong. The act of running away is not escapism. It is rather a process which heals & rejuvenates you such that you can go back to the same situation, deal with them differently & finally sort it out. So now do you realize how important is this Act of Running Away?

Saturday, July 31, 2010


There is something really strong, provoking my senses
Pulling my hair, touching my neck, stretching my arms
Almost carrying me away.
The feeling has always been there
but was never so strong as it is now.
These sudden rounds of fantasies keep occurring through out the day
more than they ever did before
Leaving me midway real & virtual.
And I continue to stay in the same state for hours
Like it that way
Just hanging on longer than required
Ecstasy is what I experience these days,
Bliss is all around. But yet
there is this urge of running away from the real
and enter the virtual all the more.
There is no fear of unknown
but somewhere a hidden liking

I know such wilderness doesn’t suit my age, my gender & my profession
But when did I actually care.
The concern is that now it is growing really fast
& then there could be real consequences if the desires are not met dearly
I fear these consequences.
So here I promise myself a runaway trip
A trip to some beautiful unknown land
An entire union with nature & a satiating journey
Journey For My Soul, Journey To My Soul

Monday, July 19, 2010

I Wana Fall In Love With You Again

I want to fall in love
again & again with you.
Its such a wonderful feeling
that fantasies appear true.

Those early days in a relationship
& those pangs of hesitations.
Wanting to wait for more,
ah love & its sedations.

Unfulfilled desires & hope
that "I would say it next time".
Attempt to write a love letter
those funny couplets which rhyme.

To keep on thinking all the time
what would be in his mind
& if he forgets to say good night
calling him unkind.

Unintentionally drawing a heart
whereever you go & sit.
unusually loosing appetite
whole day withpout eating a bit.

countlessly counting petals
"he loves me, he loves me not"
lying that you didn'y miss him
& then getting caught.

I wana feel it all
from hot sun to lovely rain
oh my lovely love
I wana fall in love with you again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

To Embrace My Life & Give One Last Kiss

Imagine & it will turn true
thats what I was told to do.

To laugh & to sing
to fly wild on the swings

To run away all bare foot
amidst branches & shoot

To giggle unecessarily
look at the blue sky merrily.

Watching clouds & guessing shapes
those fresh garden pears, peach & grapes.

All fresh, laden with vitality.
Yes it all existed in reality.

Now gone are those days
those fresh morning sunrays.

All that is left behind
are the circumstances unkind.

Which prevails through our lives
Here no life can thrive.

Gone are the days of vitality
all we have is complete brutuality.

I crave to go back
with all my bags packed

To the same Garden of life
where my imagination can survive.

Where imagination can create castles
where I can laugh with no hassles.

I wish to run one more time
have hills around to climb.

To go breathless & yet continue
to reach the nature & get renew.

To lay down on the wet grass
while several hours pass.

I wish, I wish & thats the only wish
to embrace my life & give one last kiss.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I run faster than I did yesterday & yesterday I had broken my previous record & its been happening don’t remember since when.

It is all because one bright day I had promised myself that I would never waste even a single second of my life.

Sleep & meal time seem to be such a waste of time that I try my best to skip them for the maximum number of times.

My life is circular, everyday routine, seasons, months, years – all into their respective separate but yet connected circles- All vicious in nature.

I balance all like a clown in a circus.

Proverbs, quotes, theories about life deduced by people in literature is suddenly becoming relevant. I could never understand them during my college days but now I do, really well. I can give a lecture on each.

But you know what is even more annoying is the fact that everyone around is exactly the same- Ditto copies.

I tried so really hard to be different & I am sure everyone else did the same. But yet we all land up looking alike. Living similar, in fact, identical lives. Active participants of same vicious circle.

And to top it all, I don’t have a family to call my own. I don’t know if its an abuse or a blessing, but my life is so monotonous that may be a family could break it. But what if they bring their own set of circles.

Sorry but I can’t juggle anymore balls so its in a better to have no family.

Every evening I run away from work to home. Every morning I run away from the loneliness at home and reach office to work.

Life has made me an escapist I guess.

Cause I keep escaping always. Looking for a break through, from this maze which I have created for myself, but forgotten the way out.

Hey I need your help here.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Lovely Unprovoked Laugh

I hope I get enough reasons, in my life, to laugh
I love to laugh.Its my favorite Act.

I do it often, throughout the day,
has been doing it for years now.

But unlike my other hobbies, it did not fade away with time.
thankfully, it didn't.

I can't imagine myself without that unprovoked giggle
That useless loud laugh.Useless for others, vital for me.

People around, tried so hard to shut me up
but this laugh doesn't seem to listen to anyone.

It pops out whenever it wishes
As if it has its own identity.An independant identity.

The mere thought of it fading away, scares me to death.
Life without this lovely laugh will actually be a death.

No matter how many obstacles it faces
it never flickers even for a second.

The problems in my life are really annoyed
of its frequent and abrupt occurance.

But this abrupt occurance is my strength
My only strength.

My laugh is also my best friend,who truely stayed
through thick and thin.My only companion.

I tried to infect many with this rare disease.
but it did not stayed with them for long.

They cured it with the common medication
of reasoning & seriousness.

May be this laugh was cured as easily as it is provoked.
Or may be it doesn't like their company,
so it keeps fleeing from their faces.

I keep cracking same old jokes to at least bring a smile
on their sulking faces

but in the end,I end up laughing
and they stay amused at my unusual capability.

I wish to laugh till I die
A huge lovely unprovoked laugh is what i wish to give to this world.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Mighty Must Win

I have always felt Majestic.

since i was born till this date,
when i sit in a simple coffee shop.

Well nothing Majestic about this act
but my personality surely is.

I feel so because I have the power
to touch move and inspire people.

Only such people can lead a team
in a constructive direction.

No external influence or mechanism required.

No money but yes education is must.

Right now I may appear to be uselessly running
but this useless run would surely
take me ahead one day.

When people of my age would be
dealing with mid-life crises,
I would be free.

As i have always been
because thats what I choose for myself.

Thats what we all must choose for ourselves.

The Freedom
Go ahead .choose it.

You are really worth it
and then it will make you feel Majestic

the way I do.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

As free as a bird in an open sky would be.

We meet many people everyday.
Some makes us feel bad and some gay.

All these meetings are of much significance
because each meeting brings a separate sense.

They teach us a lesson & make us glow,
so take it mildly when they blow.

When they blow away your happiness,
just laugh aloud at their wickedness.

Ultimately the gain is only yours,
cause you would learn to get , when life calls.

Forget and forgive is the master key
for whatever issues there must be.

Try to make your heart like a river.
Nothing on this earth can make the river quiver.

To react would be an opportunity given to them to hurt.
Shrug them away & treat them like dirt.

Soon they would realize how insignificant they were
& their memories in your psyche will finally blur.

Then majestically move ahead to a new beginning,
may be a new life waiting for you to cling.

Move on; move on, you must move on,
if you want your life to blissfully carry on.

Listen to your life which is shouting out-
“This is the one I was talking about”

Embrace it hard & it would set you free
as free as a bird in an open sky would be.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Useless is the word they have for me

Useless is the word they have for me.
Well these are the people who claim that they know me.
They all have clustered their lives with the responsibilities and crap liabilities, yet they think its the ideal way to live one's life.
Well i am not going to comment on - if it is or its not. Never bothered never will. But i also would not give someone else a right to call my life useless.
I am definately not conventioanl but i am also not loose.
My character needs a respect same as yours.
People who raise fingers on others are the ones who have been humiliated by others in thier life.
And all their life they try to find reasons to humiliate others.
Now that is what i call - Useless.
Don't you all agree?
One, you shouldn't have taken that humiliation and second, if you have then please don't transfer.
If you really wish to transfer then transfer love, passion, craze for life and not hatered.
Always remember whatever goes out, comes back.
And If i am the one bringing it back, the effect would be ten folds.
I don't know my future and neither do you.
So, please don't try to poke your nose or it can be broken too.
I wish to live peacefully & peacefully wish to die
But will surely make your life a hell if next time you try.
I am smarter, faster & brighter.
You can be too, but only if you look at yourself instead of looking at me all the time
If you can't create, please don't try to distruct
Whatever i am , where ever i am, i have worked really hard.
Even if it means nothing to you, please don't bother yourself and even me
I don't intend to pull you down, unlike you.
All i wish to do is enlighten your mind so that you can think of only you.
I don't need your concern, its you who need it the most.
And in the end i wish to yell aloud


Saturday, June 19, 2010

VAMPIRES – To Be Or Not To Be

We are all scared of Vampires. Since ages, we have been reading about them, watching their stories, hating them, wanting to kill them and slay them. But do you know, what these Vampires are scared of? They are scared of Humans. There has always been a controversy related to the existence of this specie, their form and mortality. We don’t believe in them but we like to read about them. And that is the reason why you are still reading even after 89 words after no actual revelation. Whatever I wish to reveal in this article about Vampires, is based on an online research on people who have either have had an encounter with Vampires or know them personally or have been doing a research on them.

Vampires can be broadly distinguished into three categories:

1. HOMO WAMPYRUS – They are the eaters of blood. They need blood to survive but it is not the only thing which they feed on. They have normal eating habits like us. They have a strong immunity which can fight diseases such as cancer and tumor. That is the reason they live really long. They don’t kill people for blood. Some of them even post advertisements in the newspapers asking for donors.

2. PSYCHIC VAMPIRES - They are the energy drainers. They gain their powers by draining away someone else’s energy. They have some brain power which automically attracts energy from people around which in turn go dull and lethargic for a while. Sometime these Vampires are not even aware about their powers. They don’t drink blood.

3. SANGUINARIANS – They are human blood drinkers. They are not actually truly Vampires. They are the humans who wanted to become Vampires and in the process start drinking human blood. They believe it so hard that they start to show characteristics similar to that of real Vampires.

Theses Vampires are not killers. They don’t murder people for blood. No they are also not flamboyant and charmer as portrayed in movies. In fact, they prefer to stay hidden with a fear that they might be killed by Humans. Since past many centuries there has been many cases of Vampires been burnt or buried alive by agitated group of Humans. May be Humans are unsecured because of their immortality. But these Vampires are also not very happy about this immortality either. It is not easy to see your loved ones grow in front of you and die. As a result, most Vampires end their life by commiting suicide. They think it better than watching your dear ones fade away.

Instead of dwelling on whom and what they are and getting paranoid, we Humans should just let them be. We have so many wild creatures living on this Earth so why not one more? And then if we kill them all, who would we write interesting stories on?

Monday, June 14, 2010


A story is a story
true or untrue.
To believe or not to believe,
is entirely on you.
I am a story teller
whose stories will take you along,
but to meet the reality
I don’t think you are enough strong.
Pragmatism can save your real life
but sometimes it also kills.
After all life is not always about
laces and frills.
There are some torn pieces of happiness
and long ropes of sorrows.
Which can tie you really hard
till your lifeline narrows.
I can’t make you believe in
what I really believe.
If only you could see through my eyes,
I would be relieved.
Relieved of the pain
which your faithlessness has given.
Can’t blame you entirely,
you were pragmatism driven.
And finally the only option
to make you believe in me,
is a wish – that at that time
I Wish You Were With Me.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


We all started our journey together when we joined in class I. Same class, same section, same subjects, same teachers but different lives. Zero period, games period and library periods were our favorites. Young, energetic, bright, cheerful, emotional and sharing. Yes sharing was the biggest quality we had then. Shared lunch, stories, pencils, pens, erasers, bench. Enacting stories from the English Reader in its improvised Hindi version with slang. Awesome combination of creativity and friendship. Not even a single occasion which we did not celebrate. Raksha Bandhan to Valentine’s Day- we celebrated all. The idea was to celebrate life. That is all we had learned and that was all we wanted to continue doing for the rest of our lives But pain is an inevitable part of the journey and so is separation. Our school was only till eight standard, so we had to either shift to the nearby Senior Secondary school or some other alternative. Most of us shifted to the Senior Secondary School but those who could not got lost somewhere.

With new school, we got new friends. Old friends from old school got dispersed like seeds. We were in different sections. We tried to stick together but the old union was missing. No, not because of the intention but lack of time may be. New friend list got created – new friends and very few old. Reshuffled again after 10th boards into different streams of Science, Commerce and Humanities. Again the same process of new friend list – many new and few old. Shuffling is a difficult process but always brings new dimension in our lives. New rapport, new emotions and new friends. Separation was painful but no regrets. I don’t wish to change anything from the past.

Getting into a college was a storm, tornado may be. Because this time the whole friend list got deleted and a new one got created – full of strangers who seem to be friendly. They were less natural and more pretentious. Little sharing and more of ego had entered the lives of friends. After college, life became so frustrated that stress has become inseparable from our personalities.

Today after 7 years, we all met again- we school friends. But they are still the same. Unbelievable but true. How did they manage to stay the same? Such sharing, caring and loving people – do they really exist even today. I was so full of tears. It was so unbelievable. They are living the same frustrating life but now when we were together, we were what we were in Class I. When we started our lives together. We had known each others for so long, that it was impossible to deceive by presenting ourselves as someone else. We fairly did it with other people but not with each other.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Male Indications Of Interest In Females

Well though women are already smart and hardly need any advice, but still here is an offering from me to all lovely girls out there who don't understand why men act like clowns all the time.

Posturing - erect stance, chest out, shoulders back, stomach in.

Wide Stance - legs apart (standing or sitting) - to increase size.

Cowboy Stance - thumbs in belt loops, fingers pointing to genital area.

Hands In Pockets - thumbs out and pointing to genitals.

Chest-Thumping - a metaphor describing various male antics designed to draw attention to themselves, often involving play-punching or wresting other males, laughing too loudly, head-tossing, acting the fool, etc.

Room Scanning - males who are available and looking for females tend to scan the room, partly to look for available females, but also to indicate they are available themselves.

Preening and Grooming - adjusting clothes, ties, cuffs, sleeves, tugging at trouser crotch, running hands through or over hair, etc.

Tattoos - conventional body language flirting guides.They suggest strength and machismo, since the process of obtaining them is painful, Certain females are attracted by tattoos on men, especially extensive markings. It's a drastic step to improve one's love life. Tattoos are significant attention-grabbers

Body Piercings - piercings do attract attention and signify the wearer to be different.

Dancing - dancing, in a suitable place of course, has for thousands of years been an opportunity for males to display their physical and sexual potential. With the exception perhaps of pogo-ing and head-banging most dance styles replicate sexual movements - lots of rhythmic hip and leg work, contorted facial expressions, sweating and occasional grunting, etc. For those blessed with a level of coordination dancing offers an effective way of attracting attention, especially in crowded competitive situations. For the less rhythmic, the lesson is to find a different environment.

So next time when you see a man scratching here and there, conclude that he has fallen for you....oh God why did you make these men so animalistic, that they can't even show there affections in a more sophisticated way....they don't seem to know anything beyond scratching

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Female Indications Of Interest In A Male

I Found a number of men puzzeled about how to find out if a girl is interested in them or no. Well either we women are so mysterious or else you men are so dumb. But whatever may be teh case, i want more and more people to fall in love and live happily ever after. for this i must help the here it goes some realiable ways of judging body language of women

Eye Contact - If the girl shows more than a glance, it indicates her initial interest in you.

Eye Catch & Look Away - establishing eye contact then looking away or down is the standard initial signal of interest designed to hook male reaction. The reliability of the signal meaning is strengthened when repeated and/or reinforced with longer eye-contact.

Eye-Widening - interest, simultaneously increasing attractiveness/appeal.

Pupil Dilating - interest, liking what is seen, arousal.

Looking Sideways Up - lowering head, slightly sideways, and looking up - also known as doe-eyes, with eyelashes normally slightly lowered - displays interest and vulnerability/coyness,

Shoulder Glance - looking sideways towards the target over the shoulder signals availability and her growing interest.

Smiling - welcoming and friendliness.

Moistening Lips - lips mimic the female labia, hence the potency of red lipstick (suggesting increased blood flow.

Parted Lips - significant attraction signal.

Flicking Hair - often combined with a slight tossing movement of the head.
also exposes neck,showing inner wrist or forearm - a soft vulnerable area and erogenous simply means inviting to explore

Straightening Posture - standing taller, chest out, stomach in - a natural response to feeling the urge to appear more appealing.

self-touching - drawing attention to sexually appealing parts of the body; neck, hair, cleavage, thigh, etc -represent imagining of being touched - and of course demonstration of what it would be like for the target to do the touching.

Self Thigh-Stroking - usually while sitting down - same as self-touching.

Standing Opposite - normally a confrontational positioning, but in flirting allows direct eye contact and optimizes engagement.

Leaning Forward - sitting or standing; leaning forwards towards a person indicates interest and attraction.

Foot Pointing - direction can indicate person of interest.

Leg Twine - a tight-leg cross 'aimed' (combined with eye contact) at a target, or when sitting one-to-one, increases sexual allure since it emphasises leg shape and tone. When employed flirtatiously, female leg crossing and uncrossing also has obvious sexual connotations and stimulates basic urges in males.

Shoe-Dangling - positive signal of relaxation or of greater promise,it simply means that she fells comfortable with you

Pouting - An attraction pout looks more like the initial forming of a kiss.

Picking Fluff - removing fluff, hair, etc., from the target's clothes is playing in the intimate personal space zone, in which the fluff picking is merely a pretext or excuse.

Fondling Cylindrical Objects - phallic transference, for instance using pens, a dangling earring, a wine glass stem, etc.

and if learn this art, u can win all women in this world...but sorry i won't let that happen so i am going to post a similar piece of knowledge for women as well.:)

Thank you for reading

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey friends i am back with some more tips to kill the time during your boring office hours

1. Act as if you are seeing ghosts around.Make sure you are spotted by one of your colleagues while talking to your fictional character's ghost.You won't believe, in real life, a staff member did the same trick for the whole month.RESULT- people believed him so much that they themselves started seeing ghosts around. Ultimately they had to shift their office. So if your office is far away from your home, you know what to do next.

2. You can always act like a drunkard.Carry water in an empty bottle of rum. Make sure someone catches you drinking from that bottle.You now have the authority to flirt, doze off in the middle, walk slowely, look lost, act carelessly, be forgetful.And when the HR intervienes, Sat cheers!!!

3. In your semi empty cafeteria, Arrange chairs & invite people around to join you for a game of musical chairs. use your phone for the music.You will be surprised to see the number of people who would come to join.

4. Invite one of your close friends to come for a round of kick boxing in the parking basement area after your shifts get over. Create separate cheer teams. Take off your shirts and start like Rocky balboa.Make sure your opponent is not healthier than you

5. Whenever you get off your seat to go to your boss's cabin, play tip top. It will really kill some useless time of yours and others too.

6.Run down the stairs crying for help then move up on the stairs. Do it for sometime. Even if it doesn't kill your time, it will surely kill your calories.

Now you are becoming an expert. Few more tips and you would be a pro....:)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

What ever has happened, has happened, can’t do much

Separation can be a very painful situation,
but it makes us learn the most difficult chapter of our life.
It makes us feel detached and control our reaction,
it helps us endure the pain when it badly strikes.

Well it also somewhere makes us feel really guilty,
deep inside our vulnerable hearts,
for the past mistakes done intentionally or unintentionally,
which had separated our hearts apart.

But then there is something more
powerful than this impact of separation.
Which automatically heals me from inside
to cure this pain becomes my aspiration
& then the energy changes all strides.

No matter how much guilt binds me down
This energy keeps my head held up high
It has given me the courage to tell the whole town
“that I am still worthy of love”, & then take a deep sigh

To hurt you or anyone else had never been my intention
Can’t blame the time entirely, situation was such
& now finally I apologize leaving aside all pretentions
Whatever has happened has happened can’t do much.