Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Big cities, big population, high cost of living. In cities where a cup of coffee costs 75 bucks, these Anndatas give food for Rs 10. they can be seen in every corner with a huge fan following. They have customers throughout the day. They work from 5.a.m to 10.p.m & then prepare food for the next day. In a city where the cost of vegetables is growing high everyday, they satisfy their customers with fixed rates and delicious food.

I am talking about these Anndatas who are extreme hardworkers & feeder for many people.we also know the under the banners such as -AMRITSARI NAAN,BHOJPURI-POORI SABJI while interviewing some of these thelewalas and of those people who are their regular customers i was able to know about the background of some of these thelewalas, their home town and reason to come to city.

on one hand we have baristas, mc ds, dominoes & several café houses but on the other hand we have these thelewalas who serve thousands of people everyday with delicious & affordable food.

And you really want to know who is more poular? whatever the consensus say, these Ann Dattas are the real food suppliers for millions in this costly city

Sunday, January 23, 2011

To My Dead Father

When people die,they leave behind a trail of unfulfilled dreams, incomplete stories & incomplete lives.
when you died, I felt the same.
It was so abrupt that I couldn’t absorb it for sometime.
Kept hoping it wasn’t true. Kept imagining you.around.
There was so much I wanted to tell you. Many stories which I had written.
So many unfinished matches. So many conspiracies to be made & executed.
So many surprises to be given so many to be received.
I had it all, all in my heart folded.
But then you disappeared one day leaving me with all that & much more.
Its been thirteen years but I could not fill in that space which you had created in my heart.
I keep imagining what life could have been with you.
I feel I would have been a different person altogether if you were around. Someone’s disappearance changes everyone around forever.
This is what you did to me forever.
I never cried aloud when you had left.
But now I think I should have cried you out of my heart , out of my life cause you keep haunting me till today.

Till The Brightness Reaches After Night

Things don’t stay same as they were
And the past always seems beautiful

The lovely excitement in a fresh love affair
Never stays equally exciting for the pair

Surprising each other with something unusual
A romantic story starts becoming casual

Let this passing time help my love grow
But would it really grow, I doubt so

For that, you must look at me everyday
With the same passion, which I saw first day

Write a beautiful love letter to me
Passionately romantic to the brim, it must be

Sometimes pick me up from the work early
& I promise to love you whole night dearly

Sit under the moon holding me tight
Till the brightness reaches after night

Friday, January 21, 2011


Reading you for days altogether
I am caught in your web of words

Every poem, verse, article
Is so full of clusters of words

They are not only words but
Clusters of emotions

Emotions – heavy, strong, passionate,
Transparent, true & rare

You are none of those imposters,
Who write only to be called a writer

You are true to yourself & your work
As a truthful writer
Your flamboyance when you talk about women
Sways every girl by her feet

You talk like an expert
Like a king of all traits

Being followed by many
You hardly have attitude any

You write like you own the words
& yet appear like that same old back bencher

I wish you grow bigger & mightier
Than your own words

May you win a million hearts
My little heart will be among those

This post is dedicated to Pallav Gogoi who is a wonderful writer...when i read him for the first time, i went crazy after his words....three cheers for an excellent writer....pls dnt forget ur fans when u really go famous.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Desperation is at all time highest at this moment. Desperation to overcome depression. Did I tell you that the intensity of depression is even several times higher than the height of desperation?
It’s so heavy that I am not able to shed it off
. Increasing with the decreasing temperature perhaps.
It used to happen in the month of December but ha shifted to the first month of the year. May be with the climate cycle being shifted cause of global warming I guess.
Now that is scientifically justified but not me.
My mood swings cannot be justified only as a result of hormonal upswings.
My psyche is surely not dependent only on that.
Emotions as diverse as wishing to bring smile on the faces of many to suddenly turn dead mean & extinct yourself.
And then feel like running several miles to not even budge an inch when in bed.
This winter is definitely much more than being deadly to me.
Think of varied characters but feeling too tired & torn out to pen down.
To bounce on calorieful food & end up drinking only a bowlful of vegetable soup.
To feel like loving someone & being loved to turn into a witch & cursing everyone.
This weather is deadly than we can even think. At least for me.
So I wish it passes on while I & my relationships stay unharmed.
Though it is unlikely to be harmless but I must guard myself.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Some friendships last very long
True friends always stay along
Time & situations make friendship strong
But sometimes distance make a better bond.

You not being there, was a horrible thing
The pain of loosing you was worse than a sting
I tried suppressing all my feelings
But to tell you the truth, I was suffering

Fighting with you had become a routine
Those soothing talks were serene
But grass cannot always stay green
After all, time is ‘The Supreme’

I know, all this while, you were suffering too
You & I had a grudges few
But now we are back & things are new
All this while I really really missed you.

Dedicated to my dear friend Akshaye Rathi

Sunday, January 16, 2011


“ a man who smiles when in trouble.... is definitely a psycho.”

“Some one once said ‘be what you want to be’. yes please do but make sure you marry a rich spouse.”

“Problems in life are actually God’s way of cracking jokes. But we just don’t get them.”

“Whenever I look back at my life, I fall off the bed laughing.”

“It must be very difficult to keep a straight face & avoid not to smile all day only to pretend you are more intellectual.”

“Every night when in sleep, he mutters a new name. I am waiting for the list to get over.”

“ How many times will I have to be straight forward & ask you to SHUT UP.”

“ life is a luxury, only if you have husband who can afford it.”


“ I was interviewed by a team of jerks who were running ten years back in time. So I decided to resign before they could appoint me”.

“ I generally avoid to compare because if would, you would be in tears”.

“ I was scratching my head really bad. People thought I was thinking hard. To hell with the thoughts- I have dandruff “.

“Imposters everywhere, Oh I feel so out of place”.

“ When I looked at the mirror, I said – ‘no wonder people go faint when I walk on roads.
I think I should house arrest myself in public interest’.”

“ if my pace makes you uncomfortable, nothing is wrong with you.
Its just that I am a F1 racer”.

“ I wish I was less fantastic cause I keep making people amazed every second.
Now that is really fast”.

“ I think I old broken govt needs a break. They deserve it for so long.
Don’t worry – here I come”.

“ I wish you had a better quality brain cause our signals just don’t match”

“ I think, therefore I don’t work”.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Love sees no reason, no rich, no poor, no class. Love sees only through heart. This story is based on a true story which once published in a newspaper magazine several years ago. I don’t remember the name of the newspaper nor the characters. But I wish to salute their unusual passion for love which is worth our heartiest applause.

This story goes back to several more decades back in time when this couple got married in a very small village in Himachal Pradesh. Don’t remember the name of the village either but just remember this much that it was situated behind a very huge mountain. The villagers had to cross the huge mountain everyday to reach their farm lands which usually took no less than three hours. The young man used to start early every morning to reach farms on time where as his beloved wife too used to come following him later with freshly cooked food for him. The man could afford to buy no jewels or dress for his bride but his heart was full of love for her.

One such day, his wife was going to the farms with food for him. While walking down that huge mountain, one of her feet got twisted and she got hurt badly. Husband rushed back home to see his wife. He stayed home, nursing her, till she got fine. He told her never to climb that mountain ever. Cursing the mountain, he went out with a shovel in his hands. That day he did not go to his farms but went to the foot of that mountain. He started digging the soil & kept digging the whole day. From next day onwards, he would go to the farms in the morning & dig the mountain in the evening. It took him twenty years to dig a tunnel through that mountain.

All the villagers, who had called him insane once, thanked him for the tunnel which now saves their travel time. But we know that he did not do it for them. He did it for her so that she could now easily come to the farms with freshly cooked food for him.

Some love stories are worth reading. Isn’t it?