Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Rohima& Sangeeta.What is the first thing which strikes you when you read theses names? Pronunciation of these names, gender or their race? For me, they are two middle aged women.

They work as maids in the pantry area in my office. Been together for past five years, they are best of friends. Thanks to their hearts full of concerns for me, I have started taking meals on time. I have also put on some weight because of that extra love which they shower on me for reasons unknown.

They always fill in for each other. Their name do not represent two different individuals. They rather sound synonms to me. They take care of each other during fasting as well as feasting. I have seen Sangeeta working extra during Ramzaan fasting to unburden Rohima of her daily work. Rohima does the same for Sangeeta on her 'Solah Somvaar Vrats'(Monday fasting). I have seen them treating each other & everyone around with "Meethi Sewai" & "Boondi Laddoo" on various occassiosn.

These women embolise the true spirit of friendship & festivity. They celebrate their friendship everyday, while washing dishes,cooking food,serving tea.Various festivals, which are plenty in number in India, add on to their bright & beautiful life.

When I look at them, laughing together, leaders fighing for 'Babri Masjid' & 'Ram Janm Bhoomi' appear so insignificant. Which court decides what & for whom, do you think it will ever effect friends such as Rohima & Sangeeta? I have my doubts, not on their friendship but on the leadership skills of orators who use communalism as a tool.Shame on them & Cheers to Rohima & Sangeeta & their friendship. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Be What She Is Born To Be

The brightness of the flowers on her clothes

are unmatchable with the brightness in her eyes

Her thin hands holding flowers tell

tales of many foodless nights.

Those curious gazes which can make

many intellectuals go weak down their knees

I could see that substance in her never seen before

looking at her vitality other life forms will surely seize.

This filth in the air cannot smudge those dreams in her eyes

it is her heart where the real substance lies

You can drag, push, pull and hide her

but you can never tame her wildness.

She would become a daughter, sister, wife or a mom

and will continue to shower her kindness

Then there would be many who would try to extinct her specie

but she has always survived & will continue to be what she is born to be.

     This post is dedicated to a very creative photographer Joshi Daniel & his creativity. The sketch of the girl pasted above is a sketch made by me looking at a photo clicked by Daniel with a title 'In her own world'.Excellent work buddy. Your photo inspired me to write few lines about this unknown girl & many like her. I hope you all like it.Cheers to creativity !

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take Me Away When I Am Still In My Prime

Will you still be looking at me when                           
my beauty fades away
Even when my lovely curls
 start turning grey.

When my vision will turn
blurred & I  would not be able to see you.
Still stay close to me
won’t you?
When I could not go out to
see places
will you not keep me warm
 with your embraces.

Will you not hold my hand
when I will jump in the sea
Will you not splash in
to save me.

Will you not run after me
when I run away from you
Won’t you get up early with me
to taste the dew

Will you not hold me when I
would be jumping from the rooftop
Will you not slap me hard
& say “please stop”

Will you not try to
bring me back to my senses
Will you not even
try to take such chances

Will you not kiss me
when I am on my deathbed
Will you not wish to
make me undead

Won’t you love to spend
with me a lifetime
So please take me
away when I am in my prime.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hate To See You Go

I hate to see you go
to places unknown.
It keeps me stagnant
& makes me moan.

I hate it when i don't
know where will you be.
When i don't know if
i would ever be able to see.

I hate it when i
know that you would surely die
and all i can do is
turn sides & coldly sigh.

I hate to keep myself
in uncertainty.
It becomes impossible
to keep up my sanity.

I hate it when you
even forget my name.
Your love has made me
helpless & lame.