Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I Will Never Appear Meek

and its only the night
 which would ever see me cry.
as the sun rises 
you will find my pillows dry.
my smile
 will worry you more
this happiness 
will make your heart sore.
I will never give you
 the pleasure you seek
To you I will 

never appear meek.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Unseen Awaits You

No, to travel is not to escape
It is to confront.
It is not merely for leisure .
You can land up in a jungle
With thirst and hunger.
But very often,
It gives spiritual pleasures.
If u can then you must,
Travel to places unknown.
What you always seek
Awaits you!

Life Isn't Fair

It isn't fair,
but then who said it will be.
You may wish someone loved you,
with all their might
but when did they guarantee?
This faith can transport you through years
but same years
cannot promise faith to you and me.
Still you can wish
and wish you must,
because then there will be
nothing else
to hold on look up to.
I believe i can survive
cause i believe in me

Nandita Prakash


Enough of your truth
tell me a lie instead.
But it must be lovelier
than the songs i have read.
It must be cheerful enough
to help me gleefully forget,
the countless scars on my soul,
the ample tears i have shed.
Tell me endless tales
about the pleasures I never had.
I dont care about your darker truth,
tell me a beautiful lie instead

-Nandita Prakash