Thursday, September 29, 2011

No Substitute of Love

You infected me with a touch
a touch of your sight
and i could feel you
see me all over

and then came in
a pat on the shoulder
and i was assured
that i was doing fine

and those cuddley hugs
being loved like a pup
and a feeling of fulfilment
that yes i am loved enough

and those harsh days
when you would look away
treat me like a cold morsel
and about to throw me away

and things falling in place
along with your smile
bringing back all the pats and hugs
as there is no substitute of love.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Years And The Wrinkles

Bathed in the light of moon
Soothing as the cold wind
Waiting for a glimpse of you
Standing miles away.

With every twist of fate
Waiting to be a part of you
To feel what it feels like
Two bodies and a soul.

To know that he knows
What you thinking and
That you know
What he thinks too.

And never get bored
Of looking at each other
No matter the hours, the days
The years & the wrinkles.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

You And Your Happiness

You are happy when I am happy
And happier when I smile,
But to bring that smile on my face
You hardly ever try.

You are hanging around only
Till I have my cheerfulness to offer you.
And then you will stay unavailable
When I will be feeling blue.

You don’t care how I manage to smile
You care about the brightness it spreads,
But then you need not know the mechanism behind it
They are all lose threads.

Even if some day you care about tying,
You will soon find yourself entangled.
Happiness always comes with a price
For mine my life was gambled.

I won or I had to loose
Is simply none of your business
Cause all you care about is
You and your happiness.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

People Handling : With One Mind And One Heart

Heard many people, lecturing on People Handling Skills of their own or some other famous and successful people. They say, it’s a difficult skill & should be acquired by learning from correct resources.
I say, it is as easy as eating your own food. Now do you think one requires to learn certain set of skills to eat their own food. To eat your own food, you only need to have a hand and a mouth & yes of course the food. Similarly to handle people, you need to have a normal heart which beats as well as empathizes (not sympathizes) and a logical mind & yes of course a set of people.
Listen to your people with an open & perceptionless mind while using your logical side as well. Possibilities are that even before they finish telling their problems, you will have a solution.  Sometimes, they don’t even demand any solution but only a listening. Keep the channel of communication open. This will not only help you know the minds of your people but also foresee many problems way before they start erupting. It will fetch you enough time to act & sort the problem. And people will think of you as  a genius.
Another important act is too keep your promises. You loose your promise once and they loose their trust on you forever. Spread your kindness to reach everyone equally. If you wish your team to achieve impossible goals, you will have to become a superhero yourself. If you want them to become risk-taking, be courageous yourself.
Last but not the least, never take disadvantage of anyone & never let anyone take disadvantage of you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thats My Only Rainy Season Dream

Yes  I can see the unseen
can feel the wild serene

Can jump & see beneath the sea
can count countless branches of a tree.

Surprise a toad with my croak
can climb over wild oak

Pick up dry leaves & keep in books
& lie down to see how a snail looks

looking at small fishes clustering around my feet
pluck a fresh red plum & eat.

yelling aloud running wild in the woods
leaving far behind my adulthood.

to go naked & feel the rain
to run miles & feel no pain.

to hunt for one & drink from the stream
thats my only rainy season dream

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Three Ladies In My Life

Mrs Pamela Anwer

When I first met you, you were the HOD taking interviews of English Literature students. I was looking at your beautiful wide eyes. They were so expressive and they still are. You asked me if I read novels and I instantly nodded. I lied to you. In my entire school life, I did not read anything else but CBSE prescribed English Readers. But I didn’t want to lose the chance of being taught by you. Your name fascinated me & so did your hair style. It did so much so that I copy it now when I have become a teacher myself.
Always tried to sit in the front desk, so as to watch you read novels. Your eyes & face emote every single word so well that I had fallen for your art of narration. I would go back home, sit infront of the mirror & try to read the story like you. But I could never create that magic which you created in your classrooms.
You made novels so real that I thought they were your stories. Number of times I tried to imagine you as a sweet little girl running in the woods with beautiful curls on her face.
Always intrigued about your voice, your expressions, your persona and your beautiful wide eyes. I always loved looking at you. Looked at you so much so that I unintentionally picked up a part of your personality in me & made it mine forever.
We had been horrible set of students. Sometimes we made classrooms hell. On one such occasion, we annoyed you beyond all limits. That day you said that we do not oblige you with our presence. You  were right but I always wanted to tell you that you have surely obliged us in several hundred ways which I keep exploring with each new day & each new experience of my life.

Mrs Geeta Budhiraja
When I first saw you giving lectures to our class, I thought of you to be not more than a couple of years older than us. You were married & had a teenaged kid was a shocker not only for me but to all the boys in our class. Your youthful spirit was so infectious that it got all of us. You made a boring subject like Poetry so much interesting that even the least interested ones in the lot would leave everything else to come to your class.
The character of The Wife Of Bath & The Lady Of Shallot became real & interesting. Entangled between phrases, deriving our own interpretation.
I always wonder what is the depth of your patience. What brings that youthful smile on your face when you answer useless questions put up by morons like us. You made us learn how to appreciate the creative & aesthetic part of creation.
I work with a set of 35-45 yrs old people who are not very receptive towards change I handle them with the same patient smile with which you handled the most argumentative & unreasonable students in our class.
It was with your interpretation of poems that you showed me a creative way of expressing self. It was during your classes that I fell in love with the entire field of poetry. It is only because of all this that now I scribble few phrases sometimes & even try to compose poems. I am not a great poet yet, but whenever I will be, I want to make it so big that my poems get recommended in the University course & then you read my poems to several young minds. And I know that only your interpretation can do justice to my creation.
Mrs B Mangalam
Draupadi was only a name in the mythology till you gave her flesh & blood. Your die hard feminism was not just a perspective but a beginning to transform. Transformation of mindset of girls like me who thought they belonged to the weaker sex. You made me think about myself beyond all stereotypes. Beyond all prejudices which ever existed.
You introduced me to theatre & showed a new horizon to my personality. You had faith in me more than I had on myself. Ambitious as you are, you inspired me to create an ambition for myself and follow.
Today when I see young girls sacrificing their aspirations only for the sake of stereotypical expectations of their family & husbands, I stand infront of them with same strength & feministic courage with which   you stood infront  of us & inspired.
Last minute hustle- bustle during our plays. Those emotions attached. That feeling of being there for each other. Celebrations after the success of our plays. You gave me a personality which otherwise would have been caged inside me forever.
I have learned to fly & stand on my feet. Wipe my tears & give shoulder to others. To cling hard to my aspirations & make others realize theirs. To not only live but live on my terms.

I have a little bit of all three of you in me and this little bit will always stay with me, no matter wherever I stay. I am glad that I had spent time with you, happen to see & learn from you. You created me & several others & yet humility never left you. With every part of my heart, I wish to give you the warmth of my love & respect which I have for you.