Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Intellectual impotence is very difficult to identity and even greater difficult to expose.
Well its a recently discovered phrase (credit goes to my brilliant mind).
But there is a possibility of i being ignorant of the fact that it already exists.

However, even if i dont know if it really exists or has some pre-concluded meaning, i have my own:
Intellectual Impotence is the inability to see/being able to acknowledge even slightest of the posibilities that some other human being can also have an intellect which is worth a listening & understanding.

many people are infected with this kind if impotence but they simply refuse to believe that they are Impotent.
Such people are fond of talking crap, and they dont realize how shitty is the crap.
When people show the courtesy of bearing their crap, they think they are great rhetorics.
Hight of stupidity occurs when they refuse other intellects by simply believing theirs to be THE INTELLECT.

Well all this can be better explained when you see the real life characters.

Now i would not do that for you, but you can do it for yourself.
tommorrow go out and closely watch your Manager or Boss in office.Come back and watch your GF/BF do the same and ya spouse belong to no other specie.

since the problem is highly contageous
Prevention is better than cure so you can prevent it by keeping yourself away from such people.
Resign from your jobs, break -up from you relationships, get a divorce but save yourself from being Impotent.

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