Saturday, April 19, 2014

Let Go

and the day you decide to let go

to let go all the feelings....good or bad

to let go of your past and your future

to let go of all attachments you may carry

to let go of all pain

to let go of all the tears..and those few cheers

to let go that damp air inside your choked heart

those moist eyes which deserve a better spark

to let go of this birth and fear of death

to let the end sink in with every new breath

and the day u decide is far away from when it finally arrives

the end of u the end of every tale of u.

that is where the new life thrives.

                                                                   - Nandita Prakash


  1. Hi thr, I came across your excllent blog on bike ride in Himalayas. I cant believe you rode a bike thr all by youself. Me and my hubby are also planning to hire a bike there and visit Rohtang and Manikaran and other places. Was wondering if the ghat roads were safe to ride.? Did you used to switch off the engine on downhill there? Need some tips, Regards, Kusum

    1. Hi Kusum
      Sorry for the late reply.
      Well to tell you the truth, i dint drive alone all the way. infact most of the way i was a pillion only.However in the year 2010, me and a friend took a complete on road circuit from rohtang, manikaran, kullu, bhuntar, naggar and Manali. its not a very difficult stretch..u dont need to switch off the engines either. since the climate is cold, the engine does not stay hot for long. ..yes but the bike u hire should not be of a lower CC.bullet 350 or avenger 220 is fine...u may get rx1oo which is fine for every plc but rohtang.u can connect wid me on fb as well for more queries