Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dream - a mechanism which heals you from within

Last night was a horrible one. Suffered a heart break. Saw my love saying goodbye & leave with another heart. I cried like a helpless child for hours till all my tears dried. Never felt so helpless before, never felt so devastated. Never felt so lonely, rejected & broken. Never felt so unwanted.

There was nothing, absolutely nothing I could do to stop the disaster. All I could do was to endure. Unbearable it was. Deeply darkly painful. If it had been for few more minutes, my life would have been at stake. Thankfully, my morning alarm alarmed & I was wide awake.

I was grateful to my watch & grateful to God that it was a dream. Remembering my single status, I felt relieved. I felt calmer, brighter & a lot happier. Stayed cheerful the whole day but yet couldn’t forget the dream

In the evening, I picked up my dream diary & started writing this one as well. When I had finished writing, I turned some pages to read some of my old dreams

Some dreams were very beautiful; some were extremely passionate & romantic. Some were very useless & strange. And the remaining were either nightmares or extremely horrible nightmares. Some had also acted as inspiration to some of my short stories. Whereas some evoked prose. Some were so beautiful that they had to be carved into a poem.

Then I tried going deep & remember my emotions before & after these dreams. Could not remember all but the ones I remember were enough to lead me to a discovery.

All the days in which I was either ill, unhappy, extremely sad, depressed, disturbed, or hopeless, I was gifted with pleasant dreams. And I always felt a little better the next morning.

But then there were very few dark days in which I was at the height of depression. I was gifted with the most horrible dreams. But again in the morning, I felt better & thankful to the fact that it was a dream. As if someone telling me
“life can get worse, you are facing nothing. Get up and be thankful”

The days I was over excited, over joyous, happy & hopeful, I would again see nightmares. This would make me cautious & kept me emotionally balanced.

I was in a way living another life in my dreams. This life was extreme but it kept me balanced in my real life. It seems as if a hidden faculty keeps you safe, heals you& prepares you for the life ahead

When you are physically hurt, your blood cells start working extra & try to heal your wound. When you have a viral attack, body raises its temperature while fighting the virus. Similarly, we all have a mechanism present in our psyche which tends to heal our mind from within. It is perhaps the malfunctioning of this mechanism which leads to insanity

So next time when you dream, even if its your worst nightmare, remember its healing you from within.


  1. yes, the hidden faculty keeps us safe, heals n guide us always...this is a nice piece n it tells that life is not always same just like our dreams.....

  2. hope it heals fast too :p

  3. A different approach towards dream. The last line seems to have much more meaning to it.
    Nice post!