Wednesday, June 1, 2011


“A man made of substance”
The one who thought of this phrase was definitely not talking about “ a man” & if he was, then I would love to differ.
Men are made of substance & so are women. We all are made of some or the other substance. And we all surely know what substance we have in there.
This substance within, is not a work of a day or two. It’s a product churned out of all the experiences we had, the lessons learnt, the messages understood, conclusions made & decisions taken.
That is what I am talking about. Now when we all know what we are made of, as we have created it ourselves, why do we dislike it? I mean the substance. If you say “no we don’t”, I would say “then why do you keep hiding your real self?”

We try so hard to imitate someone else’s style, someone else’s ideology, someone else’s statement & we never care to look what we really are.
We never care to experience & justify our own real personalities but keep imposing some alien substance on our selves. Our real substance tries to break free & come out to show its real colors. But then we chain it & store it deep down inside, lock it up & throw the keys somewhere away.

You try to be just towards everyone & everything. Please try to be a little just towards your self & break it free.


  1. is everyone like that???

  2. Nandita, nice thought. It takes a lot to be oneself.


  3. beautiful, being yourself, a man of substance takes the utmost desire to be true. Nice read :)

  4. Our own substance has evolved from circumstances in which we live, inspired from people whom we envy or look up, inculcated the value through parents, teachers and our well wishers, dream for things which we wish to possess one day. Trust me that is our substance. There is no harm if I envy someone and try to adopt his/her lifestyle, afterall that all gives me real happiness and satisfaction. Its theoretical to think that we should ignore it all. From day 1 of our life, we adopt something or the other from people around us, isn't that natural ?