Monday, August 1, 2011

Delhi To Leh 100 Rupay Jeb Main : Reaching Leh

 Royal Palace at Shey

The road ahead was beautiful. There was an entire range of mountains which appeared to be an artwork of some artist. One could see structures of several faces coming out of those rock mountains. Some of these were chocolate brown in color & some as golden as pure gold.
I was not as enthusiastic as I was in the beginning of the journey. The struggle last night had weakened me entirely. Yet my eyes were capturing all they could see. When I couldn’t, I would close my eyes for some time to reload & then again start capturing.
We stopped somewhere around Upshi, to get some food. Had a white chapatti & mix veg after a really long time. This reminds me of one observation that vegetables here will always taste to be undercooked. It is because of the weather, that they stay half raw even after cooking for a really long time. At this place we met two bikers who were coming back from Leh. They said it was heavily raining there & we must cover ourselves well. While they were telling all this, I happen to see a 3 yr old boy who had just returned from his school. Wearing no sweater or socks. Absolutely nothing to keep himself warm. Probably he doesn’t even require. He was running, jumping & even skipping while I can’t even walk 100 mtrs properly. The small houses around were beautiful. Didn’t want to leave but had to. Packed with rain coats, we moved ahead.
We were riding on a road parallel to a very small river and then came a turn where we could see this river pouring down into a huge river. This was the very first view of Indus River when it enters India. Huge reservoir of clear natural water. Calm like a mother. The real nurturer of our civilization. Her surface was still but I could sense that there was a lot inside.
We were now entering the army camps. Camps, hospitals, schools, shops on both side of the road. Neatly planned colony & an excellent road. Followed by several villages. The Indian Army has been extremely helpful in setting up these villages. They have also adopted some of these villages. Green patch in the middle & barren sand hills all around.
My eyes were tired, so I closed them to rest. When I opened my eyes next, we were in the middle of hundred of white stupas . I don’t know what they are actually called. But they definitely belong to Buddhism. Made of white clay & bricks, they appear to be symbols of peace. But when I saw them first, I thought they were there to symbolize death. We were now in SHEY.I could see the Shey fort almost standing on my head.
Entrance Gate of Leh

When I opened my eyes next, we were in LEH. It was 1pm. School kids all around. It was a simple city as is yours & mine…..

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