Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Delhi To Leh - 100 Rupay Jeb Main :The Toughest Night & A Pack of ORS

It was getting darker and stormy too. Crossing a single kilometer in that stormy sand was getting laborious. We were in the middle of cold desert storm. Not very far from us, could we see a couple of tents. We found one of those musketeers waving at us. They suggested us to stop for the night & rest in the tent itself. The locals had all the arrangements for the night stay. In the middle of that desert storm, it was not possible to move ahead either. And there was no other night shelter available for several kilometers. The guys had already negotiated the price with the tent owners. Rs 50/person & food extra.

Soon we were joined by another group of bikers from Maharashtra. They had shipped their bikes till Chandigarh & were on roads since then. We shared our tent with this group while the three musketeers were in a smaller tent. We kept our luggage inside & came out to see the view. We found several tents at a distance from ours & a Gypsy parked outside each tent. They were shepherds. Shepherds with the 4X4 cars. I was impressed. My country has definitely developed. We were advised to leave early morning as after 6a.m, a river comes & floods the area every morning & vanishes by noon. Strange! Not anymore. By now, we were pretty much accustomed to such amazing natural theories.

We packed ourselves inside that tent & warm beddings. It was a luxury for us which we had never expected that too in the middle of this deadly desert. I & my friend, we both were turning ill. He refused to have food, got a medicine & fell asleep. But I could not do the same. I was feeling nauseous. I started feeling breathless too. The cold wind blowing outside was ferocious. I could hear her roar. At numerous times, I felt that she would take the tent along. As soon as I try to lie down, I would feel as if someone was trying to choke me to death. I was very tired & my body needed rest. But it was not getting enough oxygen to relax. Everyone else seemed to be fine. I could even hear those musketeers snoring in the adjacent tent. It took me the entire night to make my body adjust to the lower availability of oxygen. After crying for several hours, I finally slept at around 4 am

In the morning, I woke up victorious. Alive but still nauseous. Then one of the musketeers gifted me the life saving pack of ORS. Since I had not been eating or drinking properly, my body was deficient of all important ingredients. I got the solution in a bottle & kept on sipping it for the rest of the journey.

So next time I carry my wallet or no, I am going to carry several packs of ORS for sure.


  1. interesting...

  2. love the 2nd pic...
    i remeber feeling paranoid about not finding ATMs on an Uttarakhand trip... but fortunately those places were better inhabited...