Sunday, September 18, 2011

People Handling : With One Mind And One Heart

Heard many people, lecturing on People Handling Skills of their own or some other famous and successful people. They say, it’s a difficult skill & should be acquired by learning from correct resources.
I say, it is as easy as eating your own food. Now do you think one requires to learn certain set of skills to eat their own food. To eat your own food, you only need to have a hand and a mouth & yes of course the food. Similarly to handle people, you need to have a normal heart which beats as well as empathizes (not sympathizes) and a logical mind & yes of course a set of people.
Listen to your people with an open & perceptionless mind while using your logical side as well. Possibilities are that even before they finish telling their problems, you will have a solution.  Sometimes, they don’t even demand any solution but only a listening. Keep the channel of communication open. This will not only help you know the minds of your people but also foresee many problems way before they start erupting. It will fetch you enough time to act & sort the problem. And people will think of you as  a genius.
Another important act is too keep your promises. You loose your promise once and they loose their trust on you forever. Spread your kindness to reach everyone equally. If you wish your team to achieve impossible goals, you will have to become a superhero yourself. If you want them to become risk-taking, be courageous yourself.
Last but not the least, never take disadvantage of anyone & never let anyone take disadvantage of you.