Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Thats My Only Rainy Season Dream

Yes  I can see the unseen
can feel the wild serene

Can jump & see beneath the sea
can count countless branches of a tree.

Surprise a toad with my croak
can climb over wild oak

Pick up dry leaves & keep in books
& lie down to see how a snail looks

looking at small fishes clustering around my feet
pluck a fresh red plum & eat.

yelling aloud running wild in the woods
leaving far behind my adulthood.

to go naked & feel the rain
to run miles & feel no pain.

to hunt for one & drink from the stream
thats my only rainy season dream


  1. Hey Nanditaaaa !!! Thats my childhood. You portrayed everything so beautifully...Kudos

  2. Since i belongs to a very small village of rajasthan & trust me i have experience all these thing..