Thursday, January 26, 2012

and that wait never ends

and that wait never ends
    is on for several years
          hundreds of hours
                   millions of minutes

and these sleepless eyes
        they never blink
              not for a second
                     neither for a day

yet the act is
                         such a constant state
                                that it never dims

never fades or lightens
                or disappears ever
                          neither does it rest

but it always bothers
             keeps wide awake
                      forever restless

turns horribly rude
                absolutely ruthless
                         and hardly ever cares

it’s nothing worth keeping
           worth carrying 
                             inside a heavy heart

yet it has become
                          an undivided part of me
                                & is to stay forever

i did nothing
              to induce it or
                                  to save it in my life

           & now i can do nothing
                                nothing humanly possible
                                                    to keep it away from my heart   

 and that wait never ends

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