Saturday, January 7, 2012

Types of people girls meet on FB

various types of desperados we meet

1)harmless suckers

they are the ones who only wish to increase the number of girls in their friend list. the obvious reason is to show off. they send random friend requests to any girl who happen to be present on fb. they always like whatever a girl posts & seldom comment. their comments are not more than one  words –‘nice’, ‘beautiful’,’wow’, ‘great’ etc. they are neither courageous nor daring enough to go beyond this. but they are content with the growing number of girls in their friend list.

2)Wannabe dudes

they often send messages followed by a friend request. messages can vary from “will you please be my friend?” to “hello dear, looking for friends who can meet, party and have fun with me”. such wannabes try to show themselves as the only stud alive in the town. show themselves off as Casanovas. excuse me you dumb heads,  all girls know that you have been a complete despo & a bigger looser. if you were such a stud then you wouldn’t have sent any random request at the first place

3) Friend’s friend

they are your friend’s friend & most of the times even your friends also refuse to acknowledge their friendship with such losers. so once you accept their friend request, only as an act of courtesy, as he is your friend’s friend, they are all over your profile. checking every damn picture of yours with ridiculous comments. they start calling you as if they were you chaddi buddies. whatever status you update, they have some rubbish statement to make.

4) biggest losers

they are usually inactive, hardly comment or like anything. you even forget they exist until they message. such are uselessly silent stalkers & nymphomaniacs. they would ask you “ what are you wearing babes?” to “ how would you like to do me?” to  “ what all you want me to do to you honey?”
ahem ..ahem .. no matter how much knowledge you try to show in the field of sex, we know that you never had any. all you can do is talk about it. most of the times, the lines are picked up from porn movies. where as you try to show us your active sex-life, we so very know that you have none & you just trying to have a blind chance on anyone you can get your hands on.

And the list is not enough but i am too full of anguish to add on anything at the moment. the only thing i wish to share is that

“ we all know that you people are such losers in real life so stop pretending & become real you…probably someone will start liking you too”

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