Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Take Me Away When I Am Still In My Prime

Will you still be looking at me when                           
my beauty fades away
Even when my lovely curls
 start turning grey.

When my vision will turn
blurred & I  would not be able to see you.
Still stay close to me
won’t you?
When I could not go out to
see places
will you not keep me warm
 with your embraces.

Will you not hold my hand
when I will jump in the sea
Will you not splash in
to save me.

Will you not run after me
when I run away from you
Won’t you get up early with me
to taste the dew

Will you not hold me when I
would be jumping from the rooftop
Will you not slap me hard
& say “please stop”

Will you not try to
bring me back to my senses
Will you not even
try to take such chances

Will you not kiss me
when I am on my deathbed
Will you not wish to
make me undead

Won’t you love to spend
with me a lifetime
So please take me
away when I am in my prime.


  1. lovely poem there. keep up the good work. Cheers.

  2. I hope your poems feel as good to write as they are to read Nandita.

    You might like to listen to the poetry part of the Jeremy Vine Radio 2 program that has been on each day this week, exploring themes such as love and death. It has been interesting. (on BBC iplayer for up to 7 days after broadcast)

    All the best.

  3. @Liju : thanx buddy....hope u like other poems as well
    @Andrew : thanx to u too buddy
    it feels beautiful to write such new soft words.it is almost effort less.
    i m really glad u like it
    i will surely listen to that show
    thank you again buddy
    be in touch
    take care

  4. beautiful poem....beautiful wishes...