Thursday, October 7, 2010

To Be What She Is Born To Be

The brightness of the flowers on her clothes

are unmatchable with the brightness in her eyes

Her thin hands holding flowers tell

tales of many foodless nights.

Those curious gazes which can make

many intellectuals go weak down their knees

I could see that substance in her never seen before

looking at her vitality other life forms will surely seize.

This filth in the air cannot smudge those dreams in her eyes

it is her heart where the real substance lies

You can drag, push, pull and hide her

but you can never tame her wildness.

She would become a daughter, sister, wife or a mom

and will continue to shower her kindness

Then there would be many who would try to extinct her specie

but she has always survived & will continue to be what she is born to be.

     This post is dedicated to a very creative photographer Joshi Daniel & his creativity. The sketch of the girl pasted above is a sketch made by me looking at a photo clicked by Daniel with a title 'In her own world'.Excellent work buddy. Your photo inspired me to write few lines about this unknown girl & many like her. I hope you all like it.Cheers to creativity !


  1. really very nice and so glad that someone dedicated a post to me :D

  2. u truly deserve it buddy.keep up the great job.cheers!

  3. cheers to both of u....for the pic and the poem....the inspiration n the inspired... :)