Friday, October 1, 2010

I Hate To See You Go

I hate to see you go
to places unknown.
It keeps me stagnant
& makes me moan.

I hate it when i don't
know where will you be.
When i don't know if
i would ever be able to see.

I hate it when i
know that you would surely die
and all i can do is
turn sides & coldly sigh.

I hate to keep myself
in uncertainty.
It becomes impossible
to keep up my sanity.

I hate it when you
even forget my name.
Your love has made me
helpless & lame.


  1. At times, when love goes so painful it is so much better to just let it go! I don't know if there were your true feelings or not, but somehow deep inside me I knew I have experienced this once. We can't live so heavy!

    Beautifully expressed, brings out the emotions!

  2. hey Sourav
    i would love to keep these feelings close to me cause they bring out beautiful words out of my psyche which hardly happens otherwise. heavy heart will stay heavy till i have feeling of love in my life again. its like one replacing the other.i m waiting for it to happen.
    thanx for visiting buddy.
    i have many bright love poems as well BTW
    i might like them too