Monday, December 20, 2010

Lets Make Such A Bond

Here I sleep with you, In the middle of the night.

Here I lie beside you & touched by the silver moonlight

The moon stands up there cold, and you are so warm.

But you both are equally reflecting each other’s charm.

I look at him and then look at you.

While I could very much smell the morning dew.

The wind is still, so is the moon and so are we.

I can sleep here for countless nights if you let it be.

Or better still if a light wind takes us along on an endless journey.

Take me in your arms and then gently turn me.

Then let me look into your eyes for eternity and beyond.

Unbreakable should be its synonym, lets make such a bond.



  1. wow! romance blend with creativity...good job :)

    PS- why have u titled ur blog as survival?


  2. Dear Sarah

    thank you for reading my post. the word "SURVIVAL" gives hope as well as a sudden pang of confidence & self esteem. we all are survivers.arnt we? we have survived through various difficult circumstances. look back at your life & you may see the same. life is nothing but a race to SURVIVE through difficulties. if u win, u live or else u extinct.