Monday, December 20, 2010

......To Make Me Write & Collect Some Praise

It touches me when I am not expecting it at all.
Pokes my mind when it wishes to rest.
It gets me dreamy and pushes me to fall.
Finally makes me nostalgic putting all its best.

I often wish to give it some name
But I am always full of words which appear waste for it.
My entire knowledge of years appear uselessly lame.
I must find name for it.

It can be called an inspiration may be
But then ‘imagination’ appears to be a better word.
Or may be a ‘vision’ which God gifted me.
Or call it ‘freedom’ like a free flying bird.

As I told you already, no word seems to be perfect.
Or shall I keep it nameless always.
Believe you me, it would hardly effect.
Because all it wants is to make me write & collect some praise.


  1. These days I am finding few writers. One writer is khatri, a 18 yr old writer. I have found. Check on my blog and you will get that one.

  2. Thinking where do you live and how you look! my email id satyakaran [at] gmail

  3. Mr Prakash
    i look ugly & i live on earth..hhahahaha
    jokes apart, i tried checking ur blog to find Mr Khatri, but could'nt find
    i will be really greatful if u could send me the link.
    i like reading new writers, youngsters as they have very fresh & creative ideas.
    my email id is