Friday, December 24, 2010


During college days, people become a little carefree. The age is such. A whole year passes away skipping lectures as days pass away like seconds. Well, time waits for no one, neither did it for them. Theirs was an all boys gang. Most notorious among all others. Snatching, ragging, fagging, boozing & doping were some of their hobbies. They were very bright though, but the brightness of their brilliant minds could be seen only through their innovative pranks. They were good in everything but studies. The only time they would study was the night before the exams. They have been successfully cheating well in all their past exams & reached their final year.

The strategy for the final year exam was going to be the same, but this time Raghav was not his usual self. The idea of clearing exam through cheating, while other students studied throughout the year, was very thrilling & exciting for him but not this time. They gang had always felt smarter this way, while for them the other students appeared to be wasting time. It was only Raghav who had now started realizing the futility of clearing exams this way. He had understood that their incomplete knowledge would make them misfit in the world outside the college campus. Raghav did’nt wanted to hurt his friends to hurt his friends by leaving them midway so he decided to be with them in the plan.

During the final exam they all were caught cheating. Smart ass as they were, they were not unprepared for such a situation. They had always decided that if such a situation would ever occur, they would blame the examiner for accusing them deliberately so as to take revenge against the group who had broken his car window once unintentionally. So the same idea was used this time when they were taken to the college principal by the invigilator. Poor invigilator was dumb struck listening to such a baseless allegation meanwhile the principal got doubtful towards his own employee.

In the whole scene, Raghav could not hold back his conscience which had been bothering him for really long. Amidst all mud slugging, he stood up to say that he was the one responsible for everything. he says that even if he is rusticated from the college, he would be fine as in any case he would like to redo his college than clearing his final year through cheating. Principal & his own friends were amazed at his bold decision. Raghav knew that this decision could bring him an expeltion but it brought him respect from his friends.

Next day, after checking the CCTV tape of the previous day, principal reached to only one solution that though all of them were equally involved in the cheating but it was only Raghav who could realize his mistake & is ready to pay the price for that. So it was definitely Raghav who had the ability to correct his mistake if given a chance.

All friends were expelled from the college whereas Raghav was forgiven and asked to repeat his final year only. But it was win win situation for all. The other friends joined the neighboring college and started from the scratch. This time the really studied.

One honest step could inspire many. You need to take it and yes honesty finally pays.


  1. very rightly said through an example.great!

  2. Honesty: The best of all the lost arts; but am glad it has not died for all. Nice post Nandita and Happy New Year to you :)

  3. thank you Sourav
    Happy New Year buddy :)