Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let Be Me And Never Follow Thee

I look at them closely. Try to penetrate their souls with my vision.
Successful sometimes & useless many a times.
They have got into this habit of pretending.
Pretending to be what they are not and can never be. But yet they continue to try. Stopping them would surely destruct them. It will pierce through their hearts.
So shall we let them pretend. Or may be this is the right thing to do.
Today when nothing remains real, pretension is the new key, pretension is the new skin.
But then why is that I simply cannot get into this skin?
Why is that my heart refuses to accept this new habit?
I refuse to be what I don’t really want to be.
I refuse to stand upside down to impress the world.
I refuse to unnecessarily try to get into smart conversations to prove I have a better intellect.
I refuse to lie down when the tides are high
. I would rather ride them & reach the eternity.
I refuse to sell myself in this world of demand & supply.
When I am dead & gone, they can have my dead body & supply it accordingly to their needs but definitely not till I am alive.
People are prone to getting influenced & carried away easily which leads to their surrender.
But surrender I will never.
My qualities are not usual. So those who have eyes would be able to see.
Now if I have a nice heart; I need not cut my chest & take it out to show.
All I need to be – is just be and let everyone see.
Thousand pretensions there may be, but it is not my cups of tea,
Let me be me & never follow thee.


  1. Well said, I am on board with you on this.

    Thanks for stopping by Nandita. Glad you liked my recipes.

    Yum! Yum! Yum!

  2. You are unique in the whole world with special talent.Just be true to yourself -life is a magic.

  3. i may not comment .but m regular reader of ur blogs... i know the importance of writing and also i can sense the feelings...wch u came across while writing... i seldom writes coz my english is pathetic.. but i love reading urs..



  4. @Mythreyi: looking forward for more recipes & ur comments too
    both are delicious
    @Arpana : thanx sweety.
    @Anil : u r a motivator dost

  5. wow m motivator of a motivational guru..