Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Putting In It All My Faith

Its fresh, its new
Its bright like a lightning
Thunderous like a thunderstorm
But its least frightening

I am amazed at the phrase
Those stream of lovely thoughts
That liveliness in every word
Continuous useless talks

Though this has happened before
Yet every thing seems so new
Its like a roller coaster ride
Every second passing really fast too

Loving every moment & movement of it
The closeness growing everyday
Getting romantic at the core
& soft till the brim I must say

But its too new & has no shape
I will have to calm down & wait
So as to mould it into something
Putting in it all my faith


  1. jealous of Nandu kind of thing... how she can write like this.. how she can think like this... fulltoosh paisa vasool..

  2. sometimes we remember those useless talks.beautiful!

  3. @Anil: thanx yaar ..u really flatter me sometimes

    @Geeta : i really like ur post.thanx for visiting mine

    @Pratibha: thanx dear

  4. Nice Nandita...Love is in the air...

  5. thanx Blue Lotus & sm :)
    i m glad u like it

  6. wow this is amazing you are such a great writer

  7. hey Emmy u r simply being generous

  8. Hey Nandu !! You rock everytime....I would be happy if this is reality than fiction.I

  9. this one was one mesmersising poem i have read of late - beautiful is well - an understatement