Monday, May 16, 2011

No Progression But An Irretrievable Fall

I wonder why my soul was chained
When I should have been running free
Why was I pushed in the darkest of the darkness?
Where I just couldn’t see

Leaving me defeated and abashed
 In the middle of nowhere
With loads of disappointment & depression
Thickly filled in the air

This dark horrible torturous place
Was no less than an abattoir
There was no outside force fighting
But a silent inward war

It was a huge & impossible discipline
To suffer & learn surviving skills
All those who undergo this path know
That if you wish to survive, you must kill

Saw it, learned it, and faced it,
Been there, did it all
But then I suddenly realized
That it was no progression but an irretrievable fall


  1. let your soul go free through verses you pen down :)

    Musings of a Wanderer

  2. Been there, Done that and fucked it up pretty much, but then again, i am still searching for "progression", if I don't have something to search for, if the not so blissful realization hits me hard, I will cease to exist as I am.

  3. as usual great :D