Saturday, November 12, 2011

being a Sagittarian

Being a True Sagittarian
1. devotees of truth (especially which is raw in nature)
2. sometimes even embarass oneself with such truthfulness
3. find it really difficult to digest/ act normal & reciprocate when people give them a huge smile/hug/kiss with no reasons.
4. very emotional but at the same time too strong to let it reflect.
5. Feel extremely shy/find no words to compliment/ wish on birthdays or anniversaries/ speech on demises & even “ I love you’s”.
6. can be best of friends waking up till late to nurse a sick friend or waiting at the at the airport earlymorning to receive a friend.- these are the everyday work of a Saggi.
7. can be best of enemies too if you mess with their wrong side.
8. trust worthy such that their left ear would not know what you told to the right one.
9. feel most offended if you distrust their honesty, trustworthyness or their intentions.
10. exteremely imaginative & positive
11. capable of adopting silence when offended by others.
12 they don’t mind being called rude, though they are hardly ever
13. moderately revengeful
14. hardly ever seek acceptance from society¸friends or family.
15. they don't think they belong to this world made of concrete. They would rather spend their whole life living on a tree eating apples & hunting for deers.
16. fond of travelling/ adventure- correction “ thats the purpose of their life "– jobs, family, house, car, luxuries, money all these are only fillers in between & the main act is always the travelling.
17. can cry over simplest of emotions such as a small child waving at them & can be strong enough to look across a traitor dying.
18. fond of kids of every form- dogs, pigs, cat, rat & even humans
19. popular among opposite sex for their wits & brains & smart talks.
20. would rather die than asking for a favour.
21. always stand against the emblem of fake authority.
22. addicted to helping people
23. self obsessed. you Will never find a saggi who would become a devdas for a girl..they love themselves beyond everything else
24. very fond of creating dialogues of their own. For them life is like a movie & they are the protagonists. They want every shot to be perfect.
25. perfectionists , hard workers, happy workers, organized by birth.u will even find a baby saggi arranging his feeding bottles and nappies on time.
26. fond of movies of any genre.
27. in an argument , you will never find them justifying. That would be the last thing they would ever think of doing. They believe in winning the arguments with logic. And they master that skill.
28. they will be the first ones ot realize their own mistakes and rectify them even before you notice.
29 . u can never insult them as they know the art of laughing at oneself
30. can be multitalented & hide it from everyone. They might surprise you one day by playing a guitar and suddenly drive a sports bike around like a pro.
And that is not all………..they are of the types who keep on evolving each day.
If you know of some more qualities please add.
Proud to be one


  1. wow...a true sagi...
    i don't wanna add coz i know it will b biased :)

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