Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Film Fraternity..please don’t embarrass my gender

Was watching some movies lately, watching some female characters portrayed recently. Since a really long time, my gender has been portrayed to be extremely meek, submissive, sacrificing lamb( unrealistic). And then suddenly they leap to portraying us as horny bitches(unrealistic again). What is wrong with you people? Can you not portray us as we are, Simple normal people. We are no freaks or sex maniacs. Poor fraternity when you are not able to create substantial characters for us, you reduce us to object of your fantasies. Age long effort to make hero real heroes and women as fallen breed(someone to be picked up from their misery by men and only men). If the age in today’s film making has come to an age where you are making characters break free from stereotypes, we deserve the same interpretation. Don’t we? We demand a respectful presentation of our characters.
You don’t even know the effect you create on several female minds. In the past we had these housewives who were too sacrificial for their families only because the female characters were portrayed such. And now when you show wives ditching their husbands, girls going to fulfill their weird fantasies before marriage,(in your movies) the whole generation is going  to  follow it. Social responsibility, you have some or you don’t?
And a request to my breed. Please don’t be an idiot. Life doesn’t stop after marriage. So stop acting like a maniac trying to fulfill all their unfulfilled fantasies before marriage. Married life isn’t that boring after al. you can find a friend in your partner who will share your fantasies and you can share theirs. Another thing…..try to see the reality…just because Nargis fakiri goes to see a C grade film in a theatre please don’t follow blindly. What is  shown in the movie never happens, and what happens in the real life is never shown. At such theaters, you will not only be accompanied by richshawalas andt hele walas but you can also find them masturbating and kissing each other. Also it is not that easy to disguise your curves  wearing a loose shirt ….the chances are that you can be badly molested and even more. Do what really interests you . And don’t shy away from being a girly, that what your were made..that’s how you have been and that’s what you are suppose to be. It’s fine to ride a bike but remember always that it’s the same society where a girl with deformity will not get many suitable and respectable life partners. It’s the same place where a girl is never forgiven for her mistakes. Be carefree but never careless.


  1. I absolutely agree with you on this. Life does not stop after marriage especially in this era. Guys r matured and advanced and modern. If you are frank with them they will give u ur space (if u give them their that is). It may sound filmi but my husband has been my inspiration. He motivates me in whatever I wanna do. Be it my job or my decision to be a stay-at-home-mum. they say television n cinema are reflection of the real world but that is not completely true. donno y they do not realize that there is something called 'balance' in character of each human being.

  2. humorously true.. kya pakdaa hai Nands.. lol.. :D
    Loved d way u described marriage lyf & d perspective dat differentiates real lyf from d fakes of reel..

    jhakaas :D

    go girl go..hey! btw lets make a movie on superheroin.. wat say? a big deal.. lets give filmmakers a run for der money :D

  3. I just loved ths article of yours. Indeed a wake up call for female faternity!

    Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Hello.
    Great article. More should read it.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In the Stillness Of Dawn

  5. I totally agree with you, Nandita. Loved the last carefree but never careless.

  6. Good post...I agree,my views are similar to yours,I wish more people would agree to it.

  7. nailed in the last para, esp when you mention life isn't over after marriage!

  8. The problem is actress-centric movies do not work! I can give you tons of examples where the movie was actually very good. It's just that audience didn't turn up.

    So, if you want the film fraternity to make movies where your gender has not been meek and feeble, do go watch the movies (rather than shit like Bodyguard, Ra.One) where the case isn't so.

  9. I LOVED this blog, every word!!! Amazing work.