Thursday, December 29, 2011

Palmistry- Chapter 3 Types Of Palms

1) Elementary Type: It is rough in texture and broad in shape. This type of hand represents the primitive man (cave man). They are not at all beautiful to look at with short fingers and hair growth. They are less cultured and more orthodox. They are always occupied with the thoughts related to food, cloth and shelter. Not capable of looking beyond that. Escape from doing hard work and are also not able to use brains. More of criminals are found with such type of hands.

2) Square Type: Looks square in shape. Is considered to be the best type. They are well mannered. They stay far away from world of fantasies and imagination, false pretence or pompous nature. They are pragmatic in nature. They may or may not be social by nature but are always praised by others.  Religious & extremely helpful in nature. They have wealth of wisdom. They can suffer loss to help some other people. They are patient, quite, disciplined & live a balanced life. They never believe in anything blindly. They believe in logical& rational discussion. They have hidden motives & reasons behind relationships which they maintain. Fond of money, power and fame & aim for them throughout their lives. They are generally successful in their lives as they practice patience, dedication & hard work.

3) Philosophical Type: usually plump, flexible & defined finger joints. They usually lead the world. Fond of fame. Very fixated with moral and values & give importance to them in lives. In the field of knowledge, they are always enthusiastic towards new learning. Believe and work towards expanding their knowledge. Many leaders, philosophers, thought-provokers, religious saints and artists belong to the same type. They usually face monetary up-downs & very few are well of. Still they give more importance to knowledge and respect when compared to money.

4) Spatulate Type: Such types of hands are greater in length than width. The beginning side of the palm (near wrist) is heavier than the preceding part of hand. They look ugly, not well cared and disfigured. The tip of the fingers is big and palm seems to be muscular & hard. Such types have active brain. The person can never sit idle. Active and hard working. They also think well before they act and their decisions are practical in nature. They do not get carried away by emotions. Always keep on experimenting, discovering or inventing something new. Successful personalities.

5) Conic Of Artistic Type: Smooth, soft and beautiful hands. Pointed, thin, well crafted fingers. Such people are attracted towards beauty and love. Either they are artists or if not then they must be art lovers. They identify and appreciate art in any form. Their life is full of love and their heart is readily receptive towards all sort of art as it comes naturally to them. They do not get success in terms of practicality ass they are often pre-occupied with emotions and fantasies. Often suffer problem related to earning money & yet they stay careless in behavior.

6. Psychic Of Idealistic Type: soft pink hands & similar looking fingers. Such people are progressive in nature & have a highly active brain. Whatever career they choose, they wish to master it. They are fond of getting into minutest details of everything. Often notorious because of this nature of overdoing everything but it doesn’t affect them at all. Not very good at handling harsh realities of life. Often lost in dreams and morals, they sometimes seem to be misfit in this pragmatic society. When they are rich, they live like kings but they do not mind living an ordinary life when have none. Their life fluctuates between the two extremes. During the end days of their lives, they suffer failures and die a sorrowful death. If their economical problems are taken care of, such men can be of a greater use to the society and mankind.

7. Mixed Type: This type of hand shows mixed qualities of more than one type of hand (out of six described above). Such hands are usually a combination of tow types and the nature of the person is also a combination of those two types. Such people are not influential. They look every matter with pessimism. Are less successful in life. Have a fickle mind. At the begening of every new task, they start contemplating its possibilities of not finishing on time & then leave the work midway. This becomes their habit which brings them failure and rejection in life. They ultimately become sadist & pessimist & need to work extremely hard to achieve success.

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