Thursday, May 13, 2010


Hey friends i am back with some more tips to kill the time during your boring office hours

1. Act as if you are seeing ghosts around.Make sure you are spotted by one of your colleagues while talking to your fictional character's ghost.You won't believe, in real life, a staff member did the same trick for the whole month.RESULT- people believed him so much that they themselves started seeing ghosts around. Ultimately they had to shift their office. So if your office is far away from your home, you know what to do next.

2. You can always act like a drunkard.Carry water in an empty bottle of rum. Make sure someone catches you drinking from that bottle.You now have the authority to flirt, doze off in the middle, walk slowely, look lost, act carelessly, be forgetful.And when the HR intervienes, Sat cheers!!!

3. In your semi empty cafeteria, Arrange chairs & invite people around to join you for a game of musical chairs. use your phone for the music.You will be surprised to see the number of people who would come to join.

4. Invite one of your close friends to come for a round of kick boxing in the parking basement area after your shifts get over. Create separate cheer teams. Take off your shirts and start like Rocky balboa.Make sure your opponent is not healthier than you

5. Whenever you get off your seat to go to your boss's cabin, play tip top. It will really kill some useless time of yours and others too.

6.Run down the stairs crying for help then move up on the stairs. Do it for sometime. Even if it doesn't kill your time, it will surely kill your calories.

Now you are becoming an expert. Few more tips and you would be a pro....:)


  1. ha i wil surely do the second one..:)
    bcoz it seems like some..masti on it.. ..;D

  2. so finally someone read to sumone who does'nt go to

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