Saturday, May 8, 2010

What ever has happened, has happened, can’t do much

Separation can be a very painful situation,
but it makes us learn the most difficult chapter of our life.
It makes us feel detached and control our reaction,
it helps us endure the pain when it badly strikes.

Well it also somewhere makes us feel really guilty,
deep inside our vulnerable hearts,
for the past mistakes done intentionally or unintentionally,
which had separated our hearts apart.

But then there is something more
powerful than this impact of separation.
Which automatically heals me from inside
to cure this pain becomes my aspiration
& then the energy changes all strides.

No matter how much guilt binds me down
This energy keeps my head held up high
It has given me the courage to tell the whole town
“that I am still worthy of love”, & then take a deep sigh

To hurt you or anyone else had never been my intention
Can’t blame the time entirely, situation was such
& now finally I apologize leaving aside all pretentions
Whatever has happened has happened can’t do much.

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