Monday, May 3, 2010

How To Kill Boredom At Work

Hey people! Here are few tips to survive the boredom at your workplace. Many a times we are so irritated by our same daily mundane work, that we either don’t do it properly or else keep cribbing about it throughout the day. Poor Facebook faces your ugly wrath .These tips will help you relieve yourself and cure your boredom.

1.Whenever stuck in a fixed situation, like an irrelevant meeting or a training which requires you to be glued to your chair – look around you. There are funny people all around you. Try to turn them into cartoons on your sheet.You may not be an artist but you would surely get enough occasions to sharpen your skills. And then someday when you are caught making cartoons and thrown out of your job, you can always become a full time cartoonist.

2.If you have a heavy boring file in front of you and you have no inclinations of studying it- Don’t sulk, take up the file and create a small cartoon character (e.g. zoo zoo or fido)with different poses on the corner of every sheet. Once you have done that, I am sure you know what to do next- its movie time for wierdos like us. This technique is simple but funny. And when you pass on the same file to your boss, he would also laugh at your humouristic timepass. But again you can also be thrown out.

3.One fine morning, try to remember your favorite shakespearean character. Act like one throughtout the day. E.g, talk, walk and eat like Hamlet some day or dance like Rosalind the other day. You will enjoy the change and your friends would have some fun too by looking at your magnificent acting skills. But please don’t overdo it or else the same friends will help you land up in some asylum.

4 Create story but no need to create characters. Your friends will be of some use here. I mean, create a story which has your frinds as characters.e.g, you can imagine a gay love story among your two friends.Imagine them making out on your bosses table in after hours,you can always share the story among your friends but make sure they are not offended. But even if they are, they can’t stop you from imagining.

5.Translate your favorite English song to typical bhojpuri version.or a hindi song into English rap. Share the version during lunch time but make sure your boss is not around.

6.Sing aloud when alone in lifts. If you are caught on camera by HR ,nevermind, Indian Idol 6 will open its enteries soon

7.Wear most possible weird combination of clothes to office someday. See how people react. Some people would tell you on your face. Others would notice, make fun but would not tell. Some would not really notice. In this whole process you can judge who all are your good friends.

if u need some more wierd ideas to escape work, please comment


  1. Awesome Nandita Mam! :-D. Pls carry on suggesting more. I luv your writing!