Monday, June 14, 2010


A story is a story
true or untrue.
To believe or not to believe,
is entirely on you.
I am a story teller
whose stories will take you along,
but to meet the reality
I don’t think you are enough strong.
Pragmatism can save your real life
but sometimes it also kills.
After all life is not always about
laces and frills.
There are some torn pieces of happiness
and long ropes of sorrows.
Which can tie you really hard
till your lifeline narrows.
I can’t make you believe in
what I really believe.
If only you could see through my eyes,
I would be relieved.
Relieved of the pain
which your faithlessness has given.
Can’t blame you entirely,
you were pragmatism driven.
And finally the only option
to make you believe in me,
is a wish – that at that time
I Wish You Were With Me.


  1. just last night I stayed up late
    And I wrote you a love letter..this wat i called/...:)

  2. ..Hmm...belief and disbelief.....happiness n sorrow...strength n weakness...pain n n faithlessness ...far and close.....
    Two sides of a coin , though so close but never meet ....
    Beutiful styff dear....touches the soul...

  3. thanx Yogi
    but where is my love letter?

  4. thanx journeyman
    was a little curious...who r u?

  5. Hmm... Very well written MOTORS.... This is something which is real and also something i can believe that you only have written it... and I am definitely not Pragmatism driven... the only thing just it was sounded little too wierd... and thank GOD i told u which ignited ur passion for poetry... u r good writer...and even a good writer writes bad story sometimes..LOL.. u know what i mean..:P :)

  6. lol
    @ Nisheeth
    this story was for u to hear
    and its for me to keep

  7. those r blessed ones who can find and put thier thoughts into right words with nactor.....!

  8. thanx for calling me blessed @human