Saturday, June 19, 2010

VAMPIRES – To Be Or Not To Be

We are all scared of Vampires. Since ages, we have been reading about them, watching their stories, hating them, wanting to kill them and slay them. But do you know, what these Vampires are scared of? They are scared of Humans. There has always been a controversy related to the existence of this specie, their form and mortality. We don’t believe in them but we like to read about them. And that is the reason why you are still reading even after 89 words after no actual revelation. Whatever I wish to reveal in this article about Vampires, is based on an online research on people who have either have had an encounter with Vampires or know them personally or have been doing a research on them.

Vampires can be broadly distinguished into three categories:

1. HOMO WAMPYRUS – They are the eaters of blood. They need blood to survive but it is not the only thing which they feed on. They have normal eating habits like us. They have a strong immunity which can fight diseases such as cancer and tumor. That is the reason they live really long. They don’t kill people for blood. Some of them even post advertisements in the newspapers asking for donors.

2. PSYCHIC VAMPIRES - They are the energy drainers. They gain their powers by draining away someone else’s energy. They have some brain power which automically attracts energy from people around which in turn go dull and lethargic for a while. Sometime these Vampires are not even aware about their powers. They don’t drink blood.

3. SANGUINARIANS – They are human blood drinkers. They are not actually truly Vampires. They are the humans who wanted to become Vampires and in the process start drinking human blood. They believe it so hard that they start to show characteristics similar to that of real Vampires.

Theses Vampires are not killers. They don’t murder people for blood. No they are also not flamboyant and charmer as portrayed in movies. In fact, they prefer to stay hidden with a fear that they might be killed by Humans. Since past many centuries there has been many cases of Vampires been burnt or buried alive by agitated group of Humans. May be Humans are unsecured because of their immortality. But these Vampires are also not very happy about this immortality either. It is not easy to see your loved ones grow in front of you and die. As a result, most Vampires end their life by commiting suicide. They think it better than watching your dear ones fade away.

Instead of dwelling on whom and what they are and getting paranoid, we Humans should just let them be. We have so many wild creatures living on this Earth so why not one more? And then if we kill them all, who would we write interesting stories on?

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