Sunday, June 27, 2010

As free as a bird in an open sky would be.

We meet many people everyday.
Some makes us feel bad and some gay.

All these meetings are of much significance
because each meeting brings a separate sense.

They teach us a lesson & make us glow,
so take it mildly when they blow.

When they blow away your happiness,
just laugh aloud at their wickedness.

Ultimately the gain is only yours,
cause you would learn to get , when life calls.

Forget and forgive is the master key
for whatever issues there must be.

Try to make your heart like a river.
Nothing on this earth can make the river quiver.

To react would be an opportunity given to them to hurt.
Shrug them away & treat them like dirt.

Soon they would realize how insignificant they were
& their memories in your psyche will finally blur.

Then majestically move ahead to a new beginning,
may be a new life waiting for you to cling.

Move on; move on, you must move on,
if you want your life to blissfully carry on.

Listen to your life which is shouting out-
“This is the one I was talking about”

Embrace it hard & it would set you free
as free as a bird in an open sky would be.


  1. nice poetry, with a lesson......!

  2. it was a lesson written for someone specific
    but unfortunately some people like hurting themselves.
    Thank you Bharat