Friday, June 25, 2010

Useless is the word they have for me

Useless is the word they have for me.
Well these are the people who claim that they know me.
They all have clustered their lives with the responsibilities and crap liabilities, yet they think its the ideal way to live one's life.
Well i am not going to comment on - if it is or its not. Never bothered never will. But i also would not give someone else a right to call my life useless.
I am definately not conventioanl but i am also not loose.
My character needs a respect same as yours.
People who raise fingers on others are the ones who have been humiliated by others in thier life.
And all their life they try to find reasons to humiliate others.
Now that is what i call - Useless.
Don't you all agree?
One, you shouldn't have taken that humiliation and second, if you have then please don't transfer.
If you really wish to transfer then transfer love, passion, craze for life and not hatered.
Always remember whatever goes out, comes back.
And If i am the one bringing it back, the effect would be ten folds.
I don't know my future and neither do you.
So, please don't try to poke your nose or it can be broken too.
I wish to live peacefully & peacefully wish to die
But will surely make your life a hell if next time you try.
I am smarter, faster & brighter.
You can be too, but only if you look at yourself instead of looking at me all the time
If you can't create, please don't try to distruct
Whatever i am , where ever i am, i have worked really hard.
Even if it means nothing to you, please don't bother yourself and even me
I don't intend to pull you down, unlike you.
All i wish to do is enlighten your mind so that you can think of only you.
I don't need your concern, its you who need it the most.
And in the end i wish to yell aloud