Saturday, September 11, 2010


Being human has never been difficult. Deciding whether you should or you should not has always been. I had several options before me, before I finally decided to remain what I was born as. There occurs various circumstances in life which would defeat you & compel you to live like an animal but then the one who survives without loosing his dignity is a true human.

When people demotivate, hinder your growth, you start crawling like a snail. When someone fools you by praising about qualities which you really don’t have, you get carried away & start clapping & jumping like a monkey. When you are jealous of someone’s prosperity, you start acting hideous like a jackal until you change into a wolf & hunt that someone. When some one’s telling you what is right, you pay deaf ears & walk away like an elephant. You stab people & feel happy that no one could see like a cat drinks milk with her eyes closed assuming that the world isn’t looking. When your organization start sinking, you are the first one to leave which then makes you a rat. Like snakes, you bite people who offer you milk. You change several colors like a chameleon. You sting like a Scorpio. Lazy & filthy like a swine. You can be anything but human

We all try so hard to be something else but we don’t know who we really are. Invest sometime in yourself. Try to understand what it takes to be a real human. Is it really as difficult as it appears to be? Or is it as simple as having an Ice- candy. You must embark a journey for the quest. Your life is surely worth its real sense


  1. I agree with you. Investing time in oneself is very essential to live as human being. Good post.

  2. thanx Aativas
    well only a human can agree wid me
    u surely r a human
    nice to find someone from the same breed
    thanx for reading buddy