Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hate You For What You Did To My Dear Delhi

I love this city, where i was born.Went to school, spent my teenage & college days here. I have her air in my lungs & her water in my blood. I have seen it going concrete from green. Seen it clean unclean. I could never find any fault in her. Rickshaws, pan walas, mochees, & even broken roads - this is how my Delhi has always been.

Now just because some morons wish her to be the best city in the whole world, they have no rights to take away her real essence, her individuality. They promise to make her green, while i notice less trees & more fly-overs. I need to know exactly where are they planning to plant more trees. Over these fly-overs may be?

Shame on you morons for trying to make MY DELHI, Shanghai & her real essence dies. You call it being progressive? You have ruined her, ruined my birth place. The whole world knows that  you were waiting for a chance to fill your filthy pockets. You just needed a chance, a chance to show your shamelessness. You did it with flambouyance.

When a spider knits his web, he is very proud of his artwork but in the process he forgets that his ass is exposed. Go on & show your ass to the whole world. My city has the courage to take such stabbing but then be ready to pay back. Hate you for what you did to My Dear Delhi.


  1. I feel you... I am from Mumbai, and Delhi is going through its own ugly metamorphosis what has already happened in Mumbai. I spent many years is Lutyens Delhi too, so I know what you mean.

  2. thanx Sandeep for sympathizing.
    i hate the situation created here.
    we r kind of imprisoned in our own country,my own city
    i may be over reacting but imagine we r being advised to stay at home for 14days
    questioned when out of home, if we really have something relevant
    cant hang out late
    its simple torture