Monday, September 6, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be

From the day we were born till today, we have seen people around who lie, betray, manipulate, hurt & use other people. So when the same people ask us to be good, it appears so superficial. ‘Be Good’ is the phrase we must have heard not less than a million times but yet no one taught us how to be ‘Good’. Some tried preaching but all in vain since they could not practice what they preached.

Thinking about this issue thousand times, observing many people & their experiences, reading & analyzing for a long time, I reached a conclusion. Nobody can ever teach you to be ‘Good’ because we already have this mechanism in us. Human body has an automatic system of protection & healing. When we are hurt physically, our WBC’ &b platelets start working. Similarly, our intuitions & conscious help us win in difficult situations. Our mind always teaches us to be ‘Good’ but we generally avoid hearing its voice. We do certain things only for pleasure where in we know its wrong from within.

It is absolutely advisable to take risks in life. After all, people who dare to risk & take a chance are the real explorers of life. But before taking a chance/risk, always analyze if it’s worth taking it. If yes, then go ahead & win the world. But if you have a doubt, then please wait & prepare yourself for it. Never take a chance which if gone wrong, is never retrievable. Dare to dream big. Dare to make them true, but meanwhile don’t stay lame or blind.

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