Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Let me be as if I never existed

Standing on the topic of the roof, I feel light. I feel as light as a leaf - dead yellow leaf.
No sap & no possibility of regaining any. End is inevitable. Not sure if it will ever restart again.
Standing at the top, I feel like dropping off myself & float in the air for sometime before I finally fall on the earth.
Feel like breathing in this cold, wild air & breathe out the moist ugly air in me.
Wish to fly like a kite with no strings attached.
Wish to count the trees, look up in the sky for hours at once & sleep on the grass when I can stare no more. Directionless & purposeless like a feather in the air.
Why not let the destiny decide my fate.
Why should I trouble myself then by bothering about whats gona happen tomorrow.
Instead of looking from a window, why not go out in the rain & soak myself in the sap – sap which could help me live.
Let me be spineless & never able to stand.
Let me crawl like an insect but stay close to the earth.
Let me be soil instead & drench my thirst when it rains.
Let me be something insignificant & invisible.
Let me stand at one corner & stay unnoticed.
Let me be as if I never existed.


  1. Beautiful words....I enjoyed reading your poem

  2. thanx buddy :)
    u knw whts the biggest craving for a writer?
    -simple appreciation
    thank u for ur simple words