Saturday, January 1, 2011


Love sees no reason, no rich, no poor, no class. Love sees only through heart. This story is based on a true story which once published in a newspaper magazine several years ago. I don’t remember the name of the newspaper nor the characters. But I wish to salute their unusual passion for love which is worth our heartiest applause.

This story goes back to several more decades back in time when this couple got married in a very small village in Himachal Pradesh. Don’t remember the name of the village either but just remember this much that it was situated behind a very huge mountain. The villagers had to cross the huge mountain everyday to reach their farm lands which usually took no less than three hours. The young man used to start early every morning to reach farms on time where as his beloved wife too used to come following him later with freshly cooked food for him. The man could afford to buy no jewels or dress for his bride but his heart was full of love for her.

One such day, his wife was going to the farms with food for him. While walking down that huge mountain, one of her feet got twisted and she got hurt badly. Husband rushed back home to see his wife. He stayed home, nursing her, till she got fine. He told her never to climb that mountain ever. Cursing the mountain, he went out with a shovel in his hands. That day he did not go to his farms but went to the foot of that mountain. He started digging the soil & kept digging the whole day. From next day onwards, he would go to the farms in the morning & dig the mountain in the evening. It took him twenty years to dig a tunnel through that mountain.

All the villagers, who had called him insane once, thanked him for the tunnel which now saves their travel time. But we know that he did not do it for them. He did it for her so that she could now easily come to the farms with freshly cooked food for him.

Some love stories are worth reading. Isn’t it?

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