Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Don’t Leave It To The Next Moment, It May Never Come

Sometimes, silence is the biggest key. Please don’t try it in your relationship till you are 100% sure of its strength & durability.

This was not the first time they did it to each other. Giving each other a silent treatment was the aftermath of several huge fights they had. Well, they were too fond of each other to have frequent fights, but such abrupt eruption of emotions, from both the sides, were inevitable. But then one must clean one’s heart of all emotional clutter sometimes.

When she woke up next morning, after a head banging fight last night, she was determined to make him pay for it with his tears. Blame it to the revengeful nature of women, but this time it was justified as the mistake was entirely his. Well, those who are curious about the reason of the fight- forget it. Its not worth a narration. Couples fight over silly things. Do we really need to know all?

Out of habit, she made tea & took the tray to the bed. Before, she could cry out for him to wake up, she stopped & gazed at a piece of paper. She moved towards that piece of paper with the cup in her hand. Oops! No pens around. What better place than her husband’s pockets. “Here is your bed tea” written on a small piece of paper was kept at the bedside accompanied with the precious cup of Bed Tea.

When he woke up, which was already an hour late than his usual time, he was fuming. No, not because he was already late for the office, but because his Bed Tea had now become cold Tea. Asking for another cup was against the rule. What rule? – The rule of fighting. You can’t surrender so easily. No Bed Tea- beginning of a perfect disaster. Now those who are fond of Bed Tea, would surely understand. She had played her first move & now it was his turn. What better than wasting away her favorite piece of crockery? Phew..... There goes the saucer & the cup, out of the window. Here too, the lady had already acted smart. The cup was the only one left in its set & was of no use otherwise. She knew it would happen. She had been keeping such useless pieces for such rare occasions. The husband’s reply written on the other side of the paper was “...goes up in the air.”

Next was the breakfast on the table with another note “BEWARE: Food tastes bitter when having with a swollen Ego” & then the husband’s reply was “Ego stays & about food, you can find it in the bin.”

She was to go out shopping that day. She always did on such occasions. To let out her anger may be or to shock him with the unexpected expenditure. Text messaged him “Going out for shopping. Do you need anything?” He replied “Yes, I need a better version of wife. The old one is troubling too much. But your taste is too bad. I think I will shop it for myself. Meanwhile, you buy some brains for yourself.” This was all going wrong. All she wanted was for him to realize his mistake but he was making more, that too boastfully. Thinking about all this, she did not realize when did she reach the middle of the road & got hit by a truck. Agree, women have no road sense. Here is a Lesson for all Women –

When she regained her consciousness, she was in a hospital with several injuries. Surprisingly, her phone was still tightly gripped between her bloody fingers. Send another text message “I am in the City Hospital. Got run over by a truck.”

He was half dead when he read the message. There was no one he loved more than her. She was the centre of his existence. He blamed himself for it all. If he would have ended the fight in the morning, she probably wouldn’t have gone out. If only he had said sorry & kiss her in the morning, like he always did, she probably would have been fine. Next moment he was in the hospital. Sobbing like a child in her lap. Making promises that he would never fight with her ever gain & that he would love her more than he ever did. Promised to take her wherever she wanted to go. And never reply her silence with silence.

So the moral of the story is determination pays. Didn’t she tell you that she would make him pay for it with his tears?

Naaaaaaa. The moral of the story is, talk as much as you can. Don’t leave it to the next moment. It may never come.


  1. very true Nandita....u have spoke exactly what i have experienced in my life....

  2. very nice nandita...golden pen award is yours;)

  3. very true.... blurting it out on the spot helps much more than keeping it locked inside..

    nice post..

    u earned a new follower :)

    -- aneek ( )

  4. very and true and so nicely said! just great!

  5. So beautifully written! Just loved it till the every end!

  6. a must for couples. sometimes we let our daily stress and anger overcome the one thing that keep partners together, LOVE! I need to have my wife read this too.helps you reflect on what's important in life. excellent post.