Sunday, April 24, 2011

You Are The Change

One generation’s dream becomes insignificant reality for the other generation. The dream of a free nation our ancestors had seen, what significance it carries for you and me. May be an alien feeling which erupts inside on 26th Jan or 15th Aug every year or may be when India beats Pakistan in one day.

Humans came from the specie of apes & developed further. But we Indians remained to be more closer to the previous specie than the latest version cause we still so much imitate. Even with such brilliant minds we still compromise our intellect and tend to follow everything which is being followed in western culture.

Indian Architecture ka ‘I’ to pata nahi aur European Architechture study ke liye Europe Trip pe jana hai

If you can’t afford to have a honeymoon trip abroad, your marriage ends there.

We have such brilliant Indian English poets, but we still study British Poetry in Bachelors & Masters. No its not that they are better. It’s just that we don’t have enough time to promote literature written in our country because we are too busy promoting & learning theirs. Its like a blogging site. The more votes you get. The more popular you become- who cares about the quality.

There is a dialogue from the movie “Rang De Basanti”-
“IAS bano IPS bano, desh ko badlo”

But I question-
Kiss desh ko badlo jahan apni baat sunwane ke liye ann shann par baithna padta hai.

Well everyone can’t be an IAS but yet change.

Promote Indian Tourism, let the country grow, let the economy grow.
Read Indian English & Hindi literature. Post it on your blog, social networking sites. Make other people read and appreciate it
We always post useless crap, bad jokes, really bad copied quotes, our Europe trip Pictures- why not such remarkable piece of work.

Do your bit and inspire
You owe it to your nation. You owe it to those brilliant people & brilliant mids who once existed on your mother land.



  1. i think the solution lies in your line itself..."Do your bit and inspire"....
    once we start doing this things will start improving....

    best wishes,

  2. brilliant post...u r absolutely right...

  3. Does pride in my own country HAVE to come at the expense of Shakespeare, Keats, Byron, Shelly? Doesn't it make more sense to study the people who gave birth to the language? Sure there are good English language poets in the country, but how does ignoring the people who made English poetry what it is help our cause?

  4. You are so true. India is built on greatness. Our history stretches more than any other country, for we all come in some way or the other from the Indus civilization dating way back to around 6000 years back.
    There are a million sites in India to explore and you will never be tired. I have begun my explorations some years back and there is so much still left in see in India to see that I wonder when will I get time to explore foreign lands.
    And it is us who have to change our country. Leaving for foreign pastures ain't gonna solve any problems. I have begun a sustainable tourism project in the north east of India. Hope to make a difference someday. Nice article !