Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We Compromise Way Too Beyond Our Standards

If you could just see me for what I am and not my curves

If you could respect my intellect merely by believing that I have some

If you could think beyond how useful and exciting I may be in bed.

If only you could really believe the fact that I have a brain too.

The feeling of love that I have for you doesn’t come from that dark valley down there.

It comes from a much superior heart which is placed way above it.

I very well understand that you can’t help being a pervert.

It’s a kind of basic nature in your gender.

Its as impossible as trying to change your genetic structure.

Might end up creating a monkey, as if you are not already one.

Or may be I am really unfair when I am insulting you with such allegations

May be your level of understanding is way too low to comprehend what we say.

thats why you always look with the same stupid face when we finish expressing ourselves.

But then we accept you with all your inferiority and pervert ness.

Attention- seekers, as you are, and we nurture you as if we were your mothers

Its not your fault in the end. The fault is all ours.

Only to see you smile, we compromise way too beyond our standards.


  1. curves tou chahiye naa.... hahahaha

  2. There we go gender bashing once again.
    And what about the tall, dark and handsome kind of expectations?

    Angry Ganu

  3. * Whip lash*

    Ouch that must hurt!

    Hope the 'they' who read it get the point.=)

  4. Hmm...well said nandini :)
    Its true in some cases :D
    The ending lines r too good :)

  5. I kind of agree with you on most points, but, trust me fatherhood changes a man n his thinking along with his sexual preferences. He would start loving u as u r... the fat belly, those stretch marks n every other disfigurement pregnancy causes.