Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Such Useless Is My World

The hollowness within is gravely painful
Hopeless is the situation to begin
Loneliness in life is extremely faithful
It considers leaving me as a sin.

Movement in my life is extremely rare
As immovable as a primitive statue
Sorrows are the only one who care
Would never leave a chance to catch you

Numerous nights counted as sleepless
Almost forgotten how to sleep
My mind has become numb & thoughtless
And my lovely heart is sinking deep

No sunray to show me the way
No haven to hide, lying curled
The life is fading with each passing day
Such useless is my world.


  1. nice poem...but no life is useless...each and every one is special...so are you...

  2. i am not completely useless, i may be used as bad exampples...... so one cannot be useless and cant have useless life... m finding very positive in this... as the narrator had accepted that she is alone... i.e. worst.. now work for the betterment...

    jokes apart... great narration... seen all the shades of nandi...

  3. Its a passing phase. Keep your eyes open for the first rain showers. Then there will be spring.

  4. may your world be more useful and fun :D

  5. the pain of pining and separation! but the world moves on...on a road bumpy or smooth n every creature has a purpose..go identify it and ur world will be full of a life so worth living :D